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Miscellaneous things to make your day better

Hidden uploads

If you’ve ever wanted to upload a file when you’re not quite ready to release it, or maybe hide an old file when you’re not quite ready to delete it, you now can with the new “Hide this file” option. All uploads can be optionally hidden.


New aggregate earnings by month graph

There’s a new graph on the recently released aggregated earnings page that summarizes your earnings by month for all of your content. You can find tabs to navigate between the graphs right above where the old graph was.


You can now browse sales, and filter bundles/sales by their goal

If you’ve been to /bundles recently you may have some new tools on the top of the page to browse regular sales. Also, you can filter either page by a goals.


Updated design

All of the branded pages have been updated with a new unified header. In the past you may have noticed some pages looked a lot different than others, well now things are a lot more consistent. Links in the header should be where you expect no matter what page you are on. Here’s what the developer’s portal looks like now:


Faster payouts

If you'be been using’s new collect and distribute payout model then you may have noticed it can take quite a few days before you money is actually transferred. Luckily, the system has been upgraded to be mostly automated. Payouts should be arriving in you account a lot faster!

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Check out the changelog:


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