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itch.io now supports HTML5 games!

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HTML5 joins the club of web based game types that is supported on itch.io!

You can find the HTML Game type on the new/edit game page. In order to add your game you’ll need to upload a ZIP file containing a file called index.html and all of the game’s resources. itch.io will handle extracting and hosting it for you.

html games

Your game will be embedded in an iframe on itch.io’s game page. Like other web games, people playing your game will be given the opportunity to donate if you’ve linked a payment account.

You can read more about HTML5 games on this info page.

And lastly here’s an example HTML5 game by @AndreYinhttp://andreyin.itch.io/balloon-rescue


P.S. itch.io now has 300 public games, awesome! Thanks to everyone who has supported itch.io over the past few months, the site wouldn’t be here without you!

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