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Introducing the JSON API

Starting today, in addition to the embeddable widget and the JavaScript button API, now has a server side JSON over HTTP API for querying data about your games.

You can read the documentation on the new API reference page:

In order to use the API you just need an account. Afterwards you can generate an API key to get started.

The API currently has two methods, one to fetch game data and one to fetch purchase data.

The purchase API method enables your external website to verify that a game has been purchased through, perfect for building your own game launchers and updaters.

More API methods we be added in the near future, if you’ve got any cool ideas don’t hesitate to ask!


Link: Introducing the JSON API

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I am a developer, but I would need a way to send user comments about my games to itch. In the api there is none of that. Can I use itch or do I just use another platform?