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Introducing the community

Today we’re launching the global community! A community has always been a big part of growing Over the past few months we’ve added features like comments on project page, and message boards on game jams.

The global community is a public community for all of A place where people of similar interests can talk about game development and other creative projects. There’s a new “Community” link on the top of every page, or you can click here:


Our primary goal for this community is to make a safe and constructive place for any member of We’re releasing a new set of community rules that should make it clear what kind of behavior we’d like to see. These rules apply to all community sections on, including game comments and jam forums. Check them out:

Community boards

In order to get the community started we’ve put together a couple boards with topics we think people might be interested in. They are definitely not final! If you’ve got any feedback we’d love to hear it. Since the majority of our audience is game developers we’ve started off with some game developer specific sections.

These include:

We encourage self promotion, but we ask not just to dump links. Use it as a way to expand your audience by building a relationship with those who check out the community.

Starting a brand new forum and asking people to join can be tricky, so we’ve also got a brainstorming topic. We’d like to integrate the community into so if there are any events or topics you think are missing don’t hesitate to speak up.

Thanks and enjoy!

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