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Comments for your project pages is great for hosting games of all sizes. Whether you’re releasing your next ambitious project or a small prototype assembled in a weekend, has the tools to make sure you can effortlessly get your game out there.

An often requested feature is better support for handling communication between creators and players. Starting today we’re releasing the first part of this: you can now optionally enable comments on your project pages.


Comments will show up directly on your game’s page, right on the bottom. They’re especially great for those projects where you’d like a quick and easy space for players to discuss or ask questions. Just like the Jam Communities release from earlier this week, comments have all the same functionality: nested replies, moderation tools, post voting, and integration with’s notification system.

You can enable comments by clicking the checkbox on your project’s edit page:


Once enabled you’ll find a new “Edit comments” tab in your projects settings header with configuration and moderation options in addition to the comments on your page.

There are tons of beautifully designed game pages on (Here’s a few) Each of these using a different pallet and collection of images. Comments on were designed to work seamlessly with all existing designs. If you’ve spent time refining your game page, you can enable comments without worrying about them looking out of place. Likewise, if you’re starting a new page, you don’t have to do anything special with your new designs to accommodate them. Lastly, just like all project pages, comments work great on mobile as well.


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