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Collections, now enhanced!

A few months ago got the ability to create collections of games and share them on your profile. Today collections are getting a slight upgrade.

All collections now have a dedicated browsing page, so you can easily share a link to just the collection, and browse all the games in full screen:

Here’s a collection I’ve put together:

Just click on the title of a collection anywhere where collections are shown to be taken to the collection’s page.

Because there are two ways to view collections now (either on a user profile, or through their new dedicated pages), a new option has been added. You can now mark a collection as private. Private collections can only be seen by their owners.

Lastly, you can now add a description to your collection that will get displayed on the dedicated collection page. A great way to describe your thoughts about the games you’ve collected. If you own a collection just go to its page and click the Edit collection link to set everything up.


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