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Better game classification has almost 16,000 games as of today. That’s a lot! When’s game browsing interface was first launched there were only a few hundred games. These days it’s quite cumbersome to sift through all the games with the limited filter options available.

In order to prepare for an improved interface for searching and browsing we’re launching a new metadata area for all project pages. You can provide things like available languages, input methods, average session duration, multiplayer features, accessibility features:


Additional information relative to the release of a game can be entered as well: the license of the game’s code, and its assets (separately), and the release date of a game (if different from its publication date on


You can starting tagging your games right now by going to the Metadata tab in your game’s edit panel. To keep the number of tabs reasonable, the widget (embed) page, download keys, external download keys have been grouped into a new tab, Distribute:


While we work on the new browse system and wait for developers to add metadata to their games, you can refer to our unofficial browse URL cheat sheet to filter games by these new fields. Note that many of these will be empty until all the developers have had a chance to classify their games.

If you you have any ideas or suggestions for more classifications send us a message on twitter or email.


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