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Products that involve or comprise source code, including programming games; does not refer to products with their own source code available, open source or not.

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Custom launcher and more for Assetto Corsa
GML bindings to the FMOD Studio low-level API for Windows and Linux
A Mesh Editor for Unreal Engine
Nested Prefab for Unreal Engine
Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5!
Create and export particle effects
Instanced Static Mesh Editing Made Easy
Unity Pattern - An easy but powerful collection of generative design tools
A Pivot Editor for Unreal Engine.
Unity Pattern - An easy but powerful collection of generative design tools
Feedback-To-Trello Form Template for Construct 2
an itch.io butler wrapper for lazybones like me
Easily create dynamic visual novel content and sequenced animations with VNgen by XGASOFT
Grammatical sentence generator
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A 2D moddable Game Engine
Mathematical MIDI generator
easy to use library for hex-grid based games - written in C# (mostly unity-agnostic, except for the examples)
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A tiny tutorial that provides code for letting your player choose their gender preferences.
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Basic Unitypackage mimicking Source Engine's subtitles
A quick-and-dirty sprite packer made entirely with client-side JavaScript.
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A simple to use rewind system!
Simplistic time-lapse recorder
Command-line tool to automate the creation of 3D models with repetitive elements
Source code for a LAN (port forward capable) networking system.
Unity3D code library for savegames, behaviour trees and more
A lightweight app that takes card images and spits out print and play booster pack sheets.
Use This Tool To Create HTML 5,JavaScript and CSS Web-Apps
A silly little world generator (source also!)
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