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Video interpolation for everyone. Up to 100x faster than DAIN, compatible with all recent AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPUs.
Generate high quality true-pixel-art assets in seconds using ethical AI
AI generated monster art and their descriptions.
Run in browser
AI art with modern & powerful UI with stable diffusion. Unofficial one-click-installer.
Texture Creation Software
Portable packages for win of various great AI tools to run it fast and offline without anxious headache with console
AI Art using Stable Diffusion on your own PC
Turn text prompts into images using AI
Low-Code GPT-3 API Design
Create beautiful artwork on your PC, using state-of-the-art AI, with no technical knowledge
Upscale low resolution image or video to higher using AI.
Transforming grayscale memories into vibrant realities with personalized color choices
Multi-Platform Package Manager for Stable Diffusion. For Windows, Linux, and macOS (Apple Silicon)
Extreme Crow Powered A.I Technology. The most AGI like (crow) ever created.
Run in browser
Generate high quality true-pixel-art assets in seconds using ethical AI
Overview on implementing A* Pathfinding through a set of points (undirected graph)
Run in browser
Generate illustrated books with OpenAI API and Stable Diffusion (local)
Download and convert Diffusion models into CKPT files for Stable Diffusion
Game Design tool that helps you plan your game, characters,layouts and dialogs.
Provides users with an environment for prompt writing and testing without the need for Python
A general pathfinding AI for GameMaker Studio 2!
Create and share your own robot
Little client for text gen servers by LM-Studio
Uncensored Ai Chat Bot based on Ollama
Very simple behavior tree editor
Your application for fast and efficient assistance. With a user-friendly interface, ChatGPT is easy to use
Get the depth and the normal maps generated from a single image
Power up your Twitch streams with PowerStream TTS, One of FakeYou's Products.
Utility AI for godot game engine 3
an ai assistant named henry
Stable Diffusion XL and 1.5 image generation, instinctive interface, no Python install required.
An AI-Powered Hyper-Realistic Terrain Generator
Destroy your tasks with AI bots
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