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Games that defy the traditional approach to game design and offer unique, interesting and often strange experiences.

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8-bit Fantasy Console
Use images to create toolpaths, generate G-code, and save time with this sleek, unique, and powerful CAM program.
A minimalist vectorial fantasy console
Shnippetz is a portable and light code snippet manager for Windows.
Microtonal synth / tuner.
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Time is precious. See how much you've already used.
ambient sound generator
Make music with Conway's Game of Life!
The Apollo Visualizer is a tool for Unity3D that lets you create easy music visualizations without writing code
3D music creation software
an art tool created for a project with Studio Yukiko
[Early Access] Creative writing prompts of several varieties
To Do list tool to manage your time and activity in your day
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A timeless dance of intersection and renewal.
Voice-activated control for your Desktop applications and video games.
a simple sculpture software for everyone
Procedural Brainstorming Tool
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Create your own game for free!, Play games created by others persons or create your own game for free!