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Text based

Focused on using its text, moreso than its visuals or audio, to tell the bulk of its story/plot. (Still can have great audio and visuals, though!)

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A simple minimalist text editor.
An extremely meaty text editor
Powerful and user-friendly ASCII/ANSI art editor.
Create and share visual novels without any programming skills!
A fragmented text editor.
A feature-less text editor.
A (not) very useful pure text pain(t) tool. Why would you use this.
Still a work in progress. Perhaps it'll turn into something interesting. Mostly just for fun though.
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Map editor for tile-based games using ASCII characters
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Grammatical sentence generator
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Textgame "engine". Create your own text adventure today! Languages: EN/DE
A tool to make customizable stories
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A Retro Text Adventure Creator (PC Windows XP and above only)
A handy web app to help generate game design ideas.
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Classic JRPG text boxes for Unity3D
Python dice rolling program
A minimalist, browser based text editor that forces you to get ideas out there.
PROCJAM Name Generator
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Programa para criação de jogos de aventura textuais
The Ultimate SMS Prank Tool
Send Geo Location data via SMS to track devices & vehicles!
A console application developed using Java SE. Can be used to send message over a network, between several devices.
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