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webm/html5 video/gfycat embed

A topic by Overpowered Games created 1 year ago Views: 710 Replies: 8
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So, gifs are nice, but the future is webm.

7MB gif


563k webm


(direct link to webm)

Embedded youtube, twitter, etc. and webp support would also be nice.


For reference, pasting a youtube video URL + hitting enter already turns it into an embed


Is there a standardized way to embed webms? I'm not a huge fan of gfycat.

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On Discourse, they just show the video controls

http://discourse.armsoftelos.com/t/gif-compression-comparison/306 (at bottom of OP)

On Twitter and such, they auto-play the webm once it is fully on screen. Otherwise it is paused behind movie controls. I like that approach.

Yes please!

Gifs are huge and quite a pain to load. HTML5 videos allow to post longer or/and better quality content.


I would also like to throw in a "+1" about this; hope to see more HTML5 options available!

Came here to see if there were any solutions and found my good Taco Bell buddy JP asking the tough questions :D

Hope we can get it figured out soon, cause my miniLAW page is kind of dookie in the meantime.