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A topic by John_ng created Sep 11, 2020 Views: 973 Replies: 14
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Please tell us your thoughts and or any suggestions. Who knows, updates may come :)

Good game, enjoyed playing it. No issues really, nothing to complain about. How did you manage to render the black outline around the objects though? Is it some shader which adds black when there's a huge gap in depth buffer or... I just don't know how such thing is done. Especially for web where there's no geometry shaders and things are generally trickier due to older opengl specification.

Developer (1 edit)

We are glad you enjoyed the game! Linked below will be the video that we used to implement the black lines in our game. The video might be a little out dated and you may need to do some tweaking. We would be happy to make a detailed post about how exactly we got it to work, if this is something a lot of people are curious about :) 

Thanks. I see, so it's a clever trick with  backfaces. They need to be bigger than actual faces to be visible though, I wonder how the shader does that, especially since it works in web. Not sure I would understand the answer without a huge headache though, implementation details can be overwhelming.


Honesty we don't know how the renderer does it aswell, we just put outlines on our blender models and let unity do the rest 馃槅


heres the tutrorial! 


Wow!!! Remind me the wonderful "De blob" the first version (the student project). I will replay your game on windows later. Very relaxing. :)


Im glad you enjoyed it : ) awesome that you found the game relaxing, that was one of our goals. 

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Hi, I played with WASD and pressing the right Shift key didn't trigger the boost, it only works with the left Shift key.


Nice catch, thanks for letting us know 

Hey. I just played your game and included it in a video. It looks amazing. I think that it is one of the most polished and excellent looking games I played on itch. You did a very great job. It was fun, quick, and engaging. I enjoyed it very much. If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make such content every day. It will make me a lot happier if you subscribe.


Really enjoyed the game, though I think I went out of bounds and restarted.
Here's a video and the falling out happened at around 4:32. Would be nice if there was a screen that told me I did something dumb if that was meant to be cause I got confused for a bit @.@


I really enjoyed the game!  When I saw it I knew I'd love it because it's like katamari. I played on keyboard was was pretty solid to control, no complaints. The game was simple, fun and short. would love to play more and maybe see more sweets. I did seem to find a secret dark world version when I walked into a corner of the map which was neat. My only real complaint was at sometimes judging your size can be confusing sense objects seem way bigger then you but you can grab them. but once you get rolling it doesn't matter and you just want to keep the combo going! But I liked the game and think everyone did a great job on it!


I found a neat little glitch/ skip. on the first part where there is that doughnut that launches you if you dash and aim for the mountain walls you can hit it and keep dashing you can get into the second part. in there you can't pick up the cupcake which is funny.