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I really liked that! when i first say the game i didn't think i'd be much but it has so much potential! the speed and movement needs some tweaking here, like going from no speed to the first stage of running feels like a sudden jump not smooth, but once you get the hang of it lord is it fun running around trying to beat a level. The visuals are also nice, simple and clean. you could go with super big and colorful things but with the music i think it gives it a zen like quality.  the levels need to be cleaned up a bit, make the blocks more uniform and fit properly, but the levels where good.

Overall i liked this game and would be super excited to play more.

Simple game but fun. i loved the visuals and once you get spamming firing down it's fun. little challenging and wasn't able to last super long but made it to 43 kills. Definitely a simple but fun game made for class.

simple educational game, probably would be great for small kids. some of the images didn't load though sadly.

thanks i had to reset up my controller and it worked. Got to say i love the art style and look of the game but sadly it kept crashing one me ;-;

would seem to always crash during combat and the y moves would also sometimes not hit. I do like the idea of the game though and really want to play.

"Very well designed but evil, so so evil." - my friend.
I liked Enoki and it felt great controlling them, just so much fun walking around, climbing, kicking objects, just loved it! can't wait to see more. I also loved them, they are so cute!

I liked the blob, very cute. The jump is too floaty, you have good momentum going up but float around too much when going down. also noticed bug where you could jump as long as you hit an object so for example you could keep jumping if you hit the roof of something instead of hitting the floor to jump again. A very simple game but can be made better and made into something small and even more fun!

The game was small but informative! i'm glad that the game did give you chances to read on some of the subjects. I wish there was more but enjoyed what was there. Overall a good game to show some of the thoughts and things teachers have to think about during class.

I found a neat little glitch/ skip. on the first part where there is that doughnut that launches you if you dash and aim for the mountain walls you can hit it and keep dashing you can get into the second part. in there you can't pick up the cupcake which is funny.

I really want to play this game because it seems neat but when i boot it up it won't get past the screen saying you need a controller and i have one plugged in. 

I loved the tank! it's so cute I just loved seeing it move and shoot. the smiles, the colors, the design, I loved it! and judging one your twitter there will be more game play for this, and I for one can't want and would love to play.

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I got 312.4  406.5 cm, not to bad!

I really enjoyed the game!  When I saw it I knew I'd love it because it's like katamari. I played on keyboard was was pretty solid to control, no complaints. The game was simple, fun and short. would love to play more and maybe see more sweets. I did seem to find a secret dark world version when I walked into a corner of the map which was neat. My only real complaint was at sometimes judging your size can be confusing sense objects seem way bigger then you but you can grab them. but once you get rolling it doesn't matter and you just want to keep the combo going! But I liked the game and think everyone did a great job on it!

It's okay, these things happen. I finished the game and got all the endings i think. It wasn't a bad story and has an interesting start, I could see myself or others getting hooked wanting to learn more bout the world and it's students. So good job!

neat little thing! For a game made in 4 hours it isn't too bad. Could be expanded for sure, like maybe a score system for how long you can keep running without falling, and some sound effects. But the graphics are good and you have a solid base to build of off! 

No need to apologize! It's hard making a game and bugs happen all the time cool how fast you fixed everything up :D

that game was cool! it's such a simple idea but it's done well. Good job on the game!

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Sweet a GB studio game! Cute sprites and fun little story. combat isn't bad but i did find a glitch, when i tried to heal i had 0 potions and if i said to use them i got stuck.You also can't talk to the two cats on the right when you see the 5 cats. also if the dog attacks you can and gets your health below 0 it wraps around to 255 and then you lose. Integer overflow glitch. Music is good as well, a small game but could be expanded to something bigger. The Cat empire can grow!

I got all 11 coins! the game isn't bad but running away seems a bit odd at times, i found if i wanted to avoid i had to move diagonally at all times. My biggest complaint was the sound though, it sounded broken and really scratchy, thought my headset was broken for a second. the graphics weren't bad though and looked cute. 

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I got a score of 3658, the game gets really fun when it speeds up and you have to juggle many lines. I do like how the dominoes spread and if as long as you keep one line going it can grow and become more lines again. It's a simple game but a fun one!

oh the game was fun! i could see the game being broken up into slightly smaller chunks and made into levels with increasing difficulty. Over all I did enjoy myself and you made a good game. 

Can't wait, it's always a good day when someone new dips their toes into the waters of game making, the more the better!

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that'd be super cool if it could get some more work. once i figured it out i got a score of 5400 10,000.  The concept itself isn't bad and you executed the game play well, it's a solid game.

Knotris is hard! Which perfectly makes sense because knots are tough cookie in math from what i'm told, neat subject though. Anywho the graphics are good and game play isn't explained too well but once you figure it out it's a fun but hard puzzle! I could so see some folks really getting into this game, like imagine a top level tetris playing trying to play this and make loops oml that'd be amazing. I will say on the website version i couldn't hear any music which is a darn shame. over all super cool what y'all did!

Okay i liked the game. I'm not a huge poem person, I often have some trouble understanding them sometimes, but this I liked. I couldn't tell you why but the words they work well and blend and the constant clicking and different options that can loop you around seems interesting. Like you keep cycling though things and you could interpret them in different ways,  like maybe when you hit one set of lines that could represent a cycle and stuff. Overall i enjoyed it and thought it was a pleasant read, wonder how my friends and family who like poems more would enjoy it.

okay figured out the problem, the game didn't like being run in incognito tab! works fine on just a normal tab and on my phone. Will play and see how it goes now.

I have to say i loved dangerous ninja them self, they are just so cute! the game looks pretty good, you control very well and feel like you have full control over your character. wall jumps feel a bit wonky like maybe too sticky to walls where it can be a bit hard to do some jumps. I liked it but i did find some of the jumps near the end really annoying because you need to jump to small platforms at the other end of the screen and if you messed up had to go back all the way to the start. Which was annoying when you mess up the third to last jump a few times and have to go through all that to get back. The music wasn't bad either and din't get too annoying really. I also beat the game and enjoyed myself for the most part, my only complaint really is just the amount of waiting i had to do to get back to the jump i messed up on and the semi baloney platforms near the end. 

maybe my computer just sucks but when i tried playing it the game went to a black screen tried to load and had these pop ups. cover art does look cool though.

Nice cake, looks tasty. Wish you could see how many cakes you where making per second, and wish the music looped a little better because there is a chunk of dead space at the end. overall good job for a simple little project.  

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nice first game! controls pretty well, doesn't look horrible, and the movement sound doesn't grate.  i did find a glitch though where you could warp through walls if you spammed a direction though. I only noticed it when spamming right and it's not consistent. something of note though. over all great job for a first and hope you keep making more and more games! 

Okay i think i found the bug if you spam two directions at a time to go diagonally you can glitch though walls.  you also can just hit the blue block from the side and not head on to beat the level.

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umm the game doesn't seem to work, you can enter a name or not enter and you're just left with a screen that says “I am convinced that human life is filled with many pure, happy, serene examples of insincerity, truly splendid of their kind-of people deceiving one another without (strangely enough) any wounds being inflicted, of people who seem unaware even that they are deceiving one another.” but the screen also just cuts off after "seem" so you can't see the rest.

It seems to work a bit on phone. You can press start but after that you get stuck saying you work your way to your seat.

Got a score of 610! solid graphics, good audio and visual feedback for when you blow up a rocket, and music is also pretty good! Maybe change the color of the power up though because at first i thought it was an enemy because it was red, maybe a blue or green. I could see this game being expanded and getting other enemies or power up though. Overall I liked the game! :^D

cute little game, could be made into a bigger thing for sure. Art is pretty solid but shooting and movement feels a little odd to me. I also found a bug where you could get the enemies to walk off the platform and walk around on air. they'll lunge after you and keep walking above you in the air. 

I L O V E D it! The art is wonder, the character designs are to die for, I already want more. the characters are set up well and leave tons to grow and plenty for many more stories. You've done a wonderful job and keep up the work!

That was a really cute game! good art, the controls were simple and it felt natural switching between all 4 characters, and some of the puzzles where clever in how you fit them like the small bathroom. I enjoyed the game and thought it was neat how you could technically arrange the rooms anyway you wanted them.    

i saw it was made by a team when i looked at the credits. Tell them all they did a great job and have some nice talent.
keep up the good work and have a great day :^D

I got a score of 480, fixed 4 cars, in 96 seconds. fun visuals and i liked the various  recycled replacement  parts. Once you know what you're doing it's pretty fun, would be neat to see it built up into a larger game, like some use for the money.

A friend sent me this game and we both tried to beat it one night, i got so close but choked at the last minute while they got maybe half way up. took a break for a week and finished it on my third attempt today. The controls can feel off at sometimes but once you get a hang of it you can make it pretty far. Not a bad game, tough for sure but simple and not bad.