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Super fun game! simple concept but fun to control. I really was hooked trying to get a high score! 

You've got a cute looking game, i simple adore the visuals, i love how everything looks. I super enjoy how the dash blushes when charging, adorable! the background and and text is also good! it's simple and fun and not hard on the eyes or distracts.

The weapons are fun but need some tweaking. The pistol being your starter weapon is very solid, simple but tricky to get the hang of it if you wanna blast someone behind you. The rocket is probably the best one, if you're able to zip around dodging with it you can rack up some insane kills! This then leaves the shotgun and sword to feel way weaker in comparison. The sword is cool and could be really useful for wiping screens, the problem is when you shoot you come to a stand still which if you have a chaser on you is game over. I think if you didn't stop moving when using it'd be better. The shotgun is probably the weakest right now, i like the idea of it shooting in a spray, the problem is i think it shoots less pellets then the pistol which makes it way weaker because you really can't control it  when shooting, i think if it shot maybe twice it could be better. Like you shoot once in a spray then a couple milliseconds later another arc, like you're cocking the gun for a second shot, that way you could have more leniency with it and then just go on a shot gun rampage!

As i said i said i enjoyed it! super fun, cute, and a wonderful beta! i'd love to see how it grows! some spit ball ideas for more things could be new maps, maybe one with walls that things bump off off, a combo meter so you could see how many kills you got in a time frame, like maybe if you keep getting kills in a second or two time frame it'd count, and some music but hey even without i was hooked! So great game and can't wait to see more!

hell yeah that platypus is lovely looking, nice art. and this was some real high octane gaming, took all my might to get to pat the plat, but was worth it. 

Informative and cute, also good music too :)
Apples are pretty nice so sad fires take em away :(

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I thought this was pretty neat. :) 
The art is all enjoyable and the building itself it well designed and nice to look at and walk around in. There is definitely a very solid idea in here, and I would love to see more! museum things like this are always good fun in a video game like format because you can enjoy things how you want and in an easier way. In terms of the building as well i'd never considered how video games don't have handicap designed buildings or rooms, such a simple detail never even considered, i know want to go through bunch of favorite games just to look at the architecture now! And i really liked Paul Smith's work, i think it's really amazing how he makes art just with a couple keys on a typewriter.

I do wish there was more explanations to things in the museum, almost all the work the the museum has no explanation to who made it, why, it's impact or anything else. I wish it did had more plaques to explain things, or maybe even a little tape thing you could pick up and then listen to that would explain many of the exhibits. the lack of explanations really hurt the audio only exhibits, if there was a button to explain what i was going to listen to i think it'd make the poems and song even more impactful. The only one that had an explanation was the Jessica park exabit, which was nice. Though I'll note the subtitles often wouldn't line up what was being said, they'd move to fast and not fil up much the text box. 
that's another thing, the subtitles could use more work, make sure they show up on every audio interaction and when they do last longer and fil the screen more.
A minor nit pick is also i wish the art was higher quality, like the Paul Smith last supper image is low enough quality you can't admire his work and see the symbols he used :(
one last thing, the game is waaay to sensitive when using mouse and keyboard! the screen would shake so much  when i tried to move even a little, made my head hurt and unable to really play. But when i used a controller it played fine and felt like it was made for it.  

But this was a very neat idea, i liked it, and want to see more! I would love more work, a bigger building, explanations, i think y'all have a brilliant idea here and something that could be very touching to a lot of people. So i wish y'all the best of luck and i hope the next thing y'all make is even better :D

I enjoyed the game over all, the visuals are nice, music simple and fun but not degrading, it isn't too difficult either, and the movement and jumping is pretty good if a little heavy. i hope you got a great grade for this because all in all this is a cute and fun little game, and given more time could easily but a very cute and full game.

I only have a few notes and complaints:
Check points work oddly, they reset you and the robots but don't reset the gems you collect or the enemies which lessens the challenge of getting all the gems or trying not to get hit.  
The text boxes that show up to tell the player something can sometimes be a pain! like i died a few times when a falling box crushed me and it's because i couldn't see it because of the pop up, it'd either make the text box a little transparent so you can see behind it to see the level, or move the box, or make it smaller. 
then i have two map problems, after level 5 the map branches out and looks like you can play either 6 or 7 next, but it forces you to play 6!
after you beat level 9 the game gets stuck and i couldn't return to the main menu unless i refreshed the page.
after that even though the maps says there is a level 10 you couldn't play it.
when it comes to the level challenges the time trial ones seemed weird, like the first level i gunned it, held right the whole time and timed my jumps so no stops, and i got a time of 21.74 and that was the best i could do, so i'm unsure if you can get the time trial for it.

that's a lot of comments on little nit picks and complaints but i genuinely did enjoy your game, you have potential and i can see that! so i can only hope your next game is even better and you have tons of fun making it. till then i can't wait for it :) 

Fun little shump :)
simple designs, nice sounds, fun visuals, and good gameplay! i sure enjoyed the game, it was difficult at the last few levels which is fun! it took me a good few tries to get through the whole game, could easily see this being made into a slightly larger game. but solid game and cant wait to see what you make next!

high score of 279,000

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I liked the concept of the game, rolling around and solving small puzzles while you pull things to and away from you. The music wasn't bad at all, maybe just a little to in your face. The visuals are simple and clean, enjoyable. only complaint is the bottom part of the screen was always off screen the whole time. like i didn't know what to do to actually get passed it until i watched the video because this was all my screen showed me. sucks too because this was the screen before last puzzle! 
beyond that weird glitch it's a neat idea for a game and could easily be fleshed out into s fun little puzzle game for folks to maybe speed run and try and swing about levels.
keep up the good work and best of luck on your next projects :]

also i think it's because when the game launches it puts it into a fake full screen, the screen blows up too big so you can't actually hit the go full screen button because in the betas you can. odd stuff

i like how this bird looks and the color palette used. not a very hard game but could be a cute and quirky little game with more levels :)
Hope you can make more and have a great time in what you make next.

haha yes! thank you for the pic it's made my morning.

Silly and simple game, just a horse plinkoing it up! try to get a high score and watch the horse bounce around pegs and say funny lines like "the government is a lie" and "i'm a horse."
got a high score of 329,882 after about an hour of plinko. if i let if afk i could have had 5 million points, alas for another day.
anywho keep up the good work gamer :D

Hey neat idea for a puzzle game! i also like the graphics they're fun. i think if it was fleshed out into a full game a slower ramp up into all the different items could be neat, maybe combos or power ups as well.
little hard for me but got a 27 and proud :D
hope you make plenty more games and have a good time doing it.

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Tested on windows, sadly doesn't work rip!
you instantly fall through the floor, then stuck just walking around below the room.  I do wanna check it out if can get it working, maybe i'll test it on linux later. 
video of falling

They ain't lying, there do be walking. Spoilers section, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!exclamation! I liked it when the bunny showed up :) And i'm glad the fella is doing alright

i will have to check out more of you little things, they seem cute and neato :D

Hey neat little game, i don't have anyone to play with but just messing around with the mechanics is great fun. Noticed some odd things though, like if you drop an anvil on an anvil dot it won't break and just slowly slides into it clipping together little fun tbh. Other odd thing i noticed is i'd get cards to blow up colors of my own color, so if i was blue i'd get cards to blow up blue dots in a small area. i can see how they'd be tactile but could also feel annoying. very pretty visuals, pretty relaxing music, and classic game with neat twist. Was a fun game and hope you can make even more rad games in the future.

Oh and you forgot to remove some files before publish lol. 

aw sweet i'll make sure to give it a play when it drops :O

unsure if did something wrong but only got 23 coins by the end. i like how the world looks and the main character. i think if this got fleshed out intoa full concept and game people would really like!
hope to be able to see more in the future.

1 minute and 48 seconds.
controls were a little stiff for my liking, but hope you're able to make some amazing games in your future :)

Neat little game, simple idea and done nice way. I bet you could flesh it out more if wanted to but for a 72 hour game it's solid fun :)
i got a score of 27 after a while.
Hope you make more fun and enjoyable games in your future.

I wanna say this game is weird and i like it! i just so wish i could play and explore more. The game can't quite seem to do platforming right, jumps do't get enough height and you get stuck often, then half the time when you reset just make you super stuck in spawn and have to close and reopen the game.

besides the clipping bugs and not being able to get off the first island really i super like it! the music is a B O P, a certified bop. tell Jaylen Ward i love it. The sprites are super nice, have funny text, and the beast is gross and amazing. i zipped by him glitching a few times and like his model :)

anywho good world just wish i rally could explore more like seen in the screen shots. can't wait to see what you make next! :^D

This is an odd little game, but i love it! i think you have something here. First of all visually i like the style, like the main character and the backgrounds are wack! only real problem was when i'd beat a level the music from last one would keep playing till i died so for a small bit would have double music and it was loud. anywho neat little idea! if it was expanded i could totally see when the screen zooms out you see more and more of this crazy and elaborate background, maybe sometimes when you jump on something it obscures part of the map, who knows. would just like to see more :)
hope you have a great one and make more cool things 

I've never played a skating game before but olliefrog was fun! i might not have gotten a massive combo but zipping around the skate park was fun! i would love to try and get better at the game to get those cool combos and tricks. the customization is nice and can make tons of unique and cute frogs. I will glad wishlist on steam and tell my friends about it. I hope more work can be added to the game so i could try and master every trick!
best of luck on your game, i will keep an eye on it and be excited if any new updates come out for it.

Neat little game :)
I think the concept here could be real fun, this upside down platformer. I think if movement was bit more fluid you could really have something fun to mess around with. very nice visuals and silly ending. I think if instead of just floating down it was maybe a jump could work better, but overall simple and enjoyable.
Hope to see even more fun stuff made by you :^D

haha silly alien dance :)

I liked the game :D
Simple style, fun little puzzles, and great vibe. I would recommend to friends who also like games like this. only wish there was more! Hope to see more cool games :^D

I really liked that! when i first say the game i didn't think i'd be much but it has so much potential! the speed and movement needs some tweaking here, like going from no speed to the first stage of running feels like a sudden jump not smooth, but once you get the hang of it lord is it fun running around trying to beat a level. The visuals are also nice, simple and clean. you could go with super big and colorful things but with the music i think it gives it a zen like quality.  the levels need to be cleaned up a bit, make the blocks more uniform and fit properly, but the levels where good.

Overall i liked this game and would be super excited to play more.

Simple game but fun. i loved the visuals and once you get spamming firing down it's fun. little challenging and wasn't able to last super long but made it to 43 kills. Definitely a simple but fun game made for class.

simple educational game, probably would be great for small kids. some of the images didn't load though sadly.

thanks i had to reset up my controller and it worked. Got to say i love the art style and look of the game but sadly it kept crashing one me ;-;

would seem to always crash during combat and the y moves would also sometimes not hit. I do like the idea of the game though and really want to play.

"Very well designed but evil, so so evil." - my friend.
I liked Enoki and it felt great controlling them, just so much fun walking around, climbing, kicking objects, just loved it! can't wait to see more. I also loved them, they are so cute!

I liked the blob, very cute. The jump is too floaty, you have good momentum going up but float around too much when going down. also noticed bug where you could jump as long as you hit an object so for example you could keep jumping if you hit the roof of something instead of hitting the floor to jump again. A very simple game but can be made better and made into something small and even more fun!

The game was small but informative! i'm glad that the game did give you chances to read on some of the subjects. I wish there was more but enjoyed what was there. Overall a good game to show some of the thoughts and things teachers have to think about during class.

I found a neat little glitch/ skip. on the first part where there is that doughnut that launches you if you dash and aim for the mountain walls you can hit it and keep dashing you can get into the second part. in there you can't pick up the cupcake which is funny.

I really want to play this game because it seems neat but when i boot it up it won't get past the screen saying you need a controller and i have one plugged in. 

I loved the tank! it's so cute I just loved seeing it move and shoot. the smiles, the colors, the design, I loved it! and judging one your twitter there will be more game play for this, and I for one can't want and would love to play.

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I got 312.4  406.5 cm, not to bad!

I really enjoyed the game!  When I saw it I knew I'd love it because it's like katamari. I played on keyboard was was pretty solid to control, no complaints. The game was simple, fun and short. would love to play more and maybe see more sweets. I did seem to find a secret dark world version when I walked into a corner of the map which was neat. My only real complaint was at sometimes judging your size can be confusing sense objects seem way bigger then you but you can grab them. but once you get rolling it doesn't matter and you just want to keep the combo going! But I liked the game and think everyone did a great job on it!

It's okay, these things happen. I finished the game and got all the endings i think. It wasn't a bad story and has an interesting start, I could see myself or others getting hooked wanting to learn more bout the world and it's students. So good job!