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Tom slowbro

A member registered May 24, 2021

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I really enjoy this inventive combination of katamari and Super Monkey Ball. :)  Sometimes you want to pick up a lot of stuff, and sometimes you want to avoid stuff and stay small and round.

I enjoyed playing through this quite a bit. :)  I think the game plays well for a Mario-like.

The level I had the hardest time with was 3-1; I don't know, maybe another cheese power-up or two would help with the two hammer bro encounters.  And there were a couple points in boss stages where ceiling blocks got in the way of jumps, making for frustration.  And maybe late stages had a bit much emphasis on long jumps that require the run button.  But these were my only sticking points; all in all the game had the right amount of challenge and a lot of fun.

I'm glad I found this game, it's a fun one!  This is a well-made game that plays like a katamari level.  Thank you for letting people play it.

Thank you very much for making this game available to the world; it's a good one!  I sure enjoyed it.

Fun!  It's much better with a controller.

This is really a lot of fun ... I'd love to see an expanded game like this with many more levels. :)


It's a quick, fun 2-player game with interesting music. :)

Oh ... I just tried for the first time within the last week.  I'm a katamari nut so the first thing I tried was a search for 'katamari'.

It's a fun and interesting combination of ball-rolling and shooter.  And it's challenging.

entertaining :)

Short but fun :)

Honestly I find this game far more nifty than horrible. :D  The funniest part was when I realized my HP was waaaay below zero after repeatedly trying to roll up the biggest critter, before I figured out what I still could go and roll up.

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This game is short, but funny and enjoyable. :)

This is very cool ... it has three good katamari-style levels, and it keeps score. Somehow the ball moves so fast it seems out of control in stages 2 and 3.  The flower stage doesn't end when you grab the big flower, it just starts making a repeating sound effect (and never seems to end).

The game plays well and is extremely reminiscent of Katamari Damacy, but the real joy is the music. :D

It's not only a really good dungeon crawler, but it's unique!  That is rare in video games, including professional ones.  The game is very stable on my device ... I can reveal as many spots at the same time as I want, and fight while they're still revealing, and the game never crashes.  The game could really use a save system, especially if it's expanded to an even bigger map.

I think anyone who likes slow dungeon crawls and who isn't allergic to 16-bit-style graphics would like this game.  I did!