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what software do you guys use

A topic by mrcustom_1 created Sep 11, 2020 Views: 405 Replies: 12
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YOOOOOO i need help making pixel art can anyone help me


Tri Piskel or mtPaint, but pixel art is really more about style and technique. Tools only take you so far, since in the end you still just toggle little colorful squares.


Hi! There is a good amount of tools out there. To start learning I picked the following:

  • Graphics Gale
  • JPixel (by Emad, here on

I found the last one easier for animations.

I hope it helps! Cheers!


I use PAINT.NET programm to draw. But i am not a painter. So i do simple sprites and simple actions with this program. Programm is very good!

Watched pixel pete and now we are 2000+ hours in...

You can always get some free asset packs if you need pixel art quick. There are loads of versatile asset packs with which you can create games or art....

Pixelstudio is good if you have an ipad.

Aseprite seems to be the most popular if you have a laptop/desktop PC.

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Gimp - free

Graphicsgale - free

Aseprite - $20


Gimp - Great for static pixel art. Animation support wasn't the best but it was okay. I think there was a really good update for animation though recently so maybe it's still worth checking out!

Graphicsgale - Great for static and animated pixel art. Not many issues with it except I just noticed there were a select few processes I thought could be simplified. 

Aseprite - Pretty much as good as Graphicsgale in my opinion but some of the features were made simpler.


If you're starting out with pixel art, you really don't need the best software. To start, don't try to draw an entire polished game, just draw to learn to pixel art.

get aesprite the best pixel program ever and have a freind teach you or paint a refrence, its tough from your first week but man u get to love it after that 


I use Photoshop for all my pixel art. I would recommend a program that uses layers.
Example of my pixel art: 

Whoa, that's pro. You got a portfolio? Twitter? Pixel Joint?

Thanks! I don't have a portfolio site, but my Twitter is @osariongames. And if you want to see some more of my pixel art, check out:

My example:)

For pixel art, i use Aseprite, and for general drwas, i use Krita :D. I think is very easy to use, and no need a lot of resources or memory :D,

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