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Hi Spencer,

I would like you to consider my game Spear Master for games bundle.


Take a good look at your deck of cards  (in the deckbuilder) to see if you can optimize your deck and/or buy new cards at the shop. You can go back to the previous dungeon to gather more gold. Also use the run away card to your advantage.

Sí, la demo y el juego completo no son tan diferentes, así que esto también me sorprende. Si está relacionado con su sistema, abrir el juego en un modo de compatibilidad diferente podría resolverlo.

¿Tienes Steam instalado? En ese caso. Envíeme un correo electrónico a para que pueda ayudarlo más.

Gracias por contactarme sobre este tema. Creo que el problema puede deberse a que los datos guardados del juego están en conflicto entre la versión demo y la versión completa. Para solucionar esto, haz lo siguiente:  1. Inicie la versión de demostración de Decks & Daggers y vaya a la taberna. 2. Presione la tecla ~ o `. (esto debería abrir la ventana de la consola). 3. En la consola, escriba: ShowSaveDataPath (presione Intro), esto debería mostrar la ubicación en su computadora donde se almacenan los archivos guardados. 4. Vaya a esa ubicación y elimine todos los archivos de la carpeta (o haga una copia de seguridad).  Si ahora inicia Decks & Daggers, el juego completo, debería volver a crear los archivos y tratarlo como un juego nuevo. Eso debería arreglar el problema.  Atentamente, mikel fick

I'll release updates for the game on both platforms (Itch & Steam). When the new campaign is close to the finish line, I'll send out an update via Itch and the newsletter with a fixed release date.

Thanks for writing a short review!

Thanks for the video! (Just finished watching).

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Hi Alex, thanks for your review! The Witch story will be released on Steam as part of a big update in 2022. A rough version (without story) is available in the version.

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Hi, you can create new decks in the deck builder menu. Click on the button 'Load deck' (or 'New Deck' if you are playing an older version). You can then create a new deck and select the Witch as your hero.

Haha, thanks for posting!

Yes, gold is not shared between the Witch and the Barbarian.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like the game.

The text "Salazar will remember that" is an indication that a choice has consequences.

There are 2 different endings to the game, with 5 smaller variations. Which ending you get depends on the choices that you've made during the dialogues.

Right now my priority is to get this game out in the open by releasing it on Steam, to find out if people are interested in this game. I would like to create a separate story for the Witch and intertwine her story with the Barbarian. But that is still in the early stages.

The round ends when all the top cards are gone and when there are no new cards in the deck. It's a bit of a puzzle to play it in such a way that you still have time to heal after an attack, for example by keeping a treasure card at the top and deal with the enemy first, then heal and collect your treasure card last... if possible.

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Thanks for buying the game! That's awesome! 
I've fixed that volume bug in the current version. (1.7)

I'm not sure what you mean. I did change the shop interface to show only the character that you are currently playing with. But I did not remove any characters from the game. Currently, you have the Barbarian + 2 other playable characters during the barbarian storyline. The Witch was included in the previous version 1.5. She is also available in this version.

It's best if you remove the entire directory. (Save files are located in another folder). If you want to remove all the saved data:  go to the main menu in the game, and click on the settings button. At the bottom, there is a 'clear saved data' button.

 Will the purchase of full version contain future releases?

Awesome! Thanks!

The full version contains:

  • The complete story of Hrothgar the Barbarian & Salazar, Including all quests.
  • 2 new playable characters that are playable during the Barbarian quests (don't want to give away any spoilers).
  • All Barbarian cards are unlocked and available in the shop.
  • 14 New cards that become available at certain levels.
  • 2 different endings with 5 smaller variations, depending on the choices that you've made throughout the story.
  • Achievements
  • Boss Fight (1 boss is in the demo, the other one in the full version)

PS. the save files from the demo are compatible with the full version so you can always continue after you've finished the demo. 

Hmm, strange... can you send me an email at, 
so I can unlock the premium version for you?

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Thanks for buying the full version! That's awesome!

I've uploaded a new version today (demo and premium). This issue should not happen anymore.

Thanks for letting me know. This Thursday I'll upload the full version.

Thanks! I hope you like it.

I'm currently aiming for a release in September.

Thanks for posting this issue. I wasn't aware of this and I'll fix it in the upcoming version. At first glance, this might by caused by a framerate issue. You might want to try to go to the settings menu, put the FPS on 60, and disable the v-sinc checkbox.

Sorry for the confusion. The Scimitar card is not in the current version. Right now you only have the option to get some money from Cedric (the shopkeeper) by finishing the quest. However, the scimitar card will be added in the upcoming version, where it will be available in the shop if you give the weapon back to Cedric, or (if you keep the card) it will be added to your inventory and Cedric will be very angry.

I wanted to let you know that I've implemented the option to keep the scimitar instead of giving it back to the shopkeeper. It's included in the next update.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: That the shopkeeper could charge a bit more because he feels screwed over.

Thanks for the comments! Cards as a quest reward are indeed something I would like to implement in the next update.

Keeping the scimitar (and not giving it back to the shopkeeper) could be a nice option. The shopkeeper probably won't be happy with that so I guess there needs to be some kind of a downside.

Yes, the game can be played with a controller. 

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the video! Just finished watching. :)

Thanks! Also for making the video! That's awesome.

Thanks for the vid!

In the deckbuilder: press the ‘change deck’ button. There you can create a new deck and choose the Witch as your hero.

I took a long road to become a Game Dev.  Finished Art education.  Started as a Web/Flash designer. Took a job as artist in commercial game development company.  Became Art Director at that company. Learned how to program in C#. Saved up some money. Quit my job to become a full time game dev.... and part-time Salsa teacher.  ;)

Thanks! I don't have a portfolio site, but my Twitter is @osariongames. And if you want to see some more of my pixel art, check out:

Hi! A week ago I've release a card game called  Decks & Daggers. I'm looking for some card game enthusiast to try it out and get some more feedback on the game.  Please let me know what you think:

Mikel - Osarion

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Hello fellow game devs!

Have you played a cool (digital) card game recently? I would like know the name of that game and why you liked it. (Preferably lesser known Indie titles).

I use Photoshop for all my pixel art. I would recommend a program that uses layers.
Example of my pixel art: 

Hi Xanderwood!

Please play my game' Decks & Daggers' on your channel.
Free version available for download here: