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Anyway to sudmit late?

A topic by Bretonator created Jun 14, 2017 Views: 441 Replies: 11
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Is there anyway to summit work past the deadline?  MakeMaker just unassigned all my scripts and I'm plugging the back in manually, it also ate a bunch of artwork, I think my file got corrupted just before upload.

No idea why, I'm still new to GameMaker. 


I don't think there's any way to submit after the deadline. It's handled by so even the host can't help, afaik.

But on the note of your issue, for future reference; it's usually just the file (not the gmx directory the files are in) that gets messed up. It can get messed up because just 1 file failed (image, script, path, etc), even silently, in some way. After such an issue it ignores the other files and saves it anyway. The file is just a list of all the other files in the project. Instead of putting all the files back manually in the IDE, you can add the file paths to that one file and it should then load them normally again.

Also, upload your game anyway. There's no prizes for the jam, so you've still got the best out of it, which is learning and experience. :)


The host can help! All jams have a way to generate late submit links. In order to late submit you just need to get permission from the host and they can send over the link.

Great, that's good to know. I wasn't sure!

Thanks Jack, but I thought I couldn't upload it after the deadline had passed.  It said "submissions are closed, judging is happening".  A lot of things are bØrked after this problem and it will take a day or so to patch it up.  

I was also thinking of re-constructing it in a clean file and then streaming it on twitch.  I need to learn how to use twitch anyway.

Post the link to your game for the CGA and i will send you a link to submit the game for the CGA Jam ;)

Wow! Thank you so much.  It will take me a day to un-bØrk the project and get things working the way they were.  I appreciate it

I posted a link to the .exe file in a reply in this discussion.  I wasn't sure how else to get it to you.

I need the link of the game on Itchio. You need to upload your game and create a page here on itchio. So i can create a sumbission link for the CGA.

I got the link to our game page posted last night.  Not sure if you saw. Thanks!

I finally fixed everything.  This week's been hell trying to deal with Finals as well.  I'm not sure where to post the final windows version.  But I can leave a dropbox link here.  link to .exe in dropbox.  Please let me know if there's some other method to do this better.

Ok, here's the link to the link: Orchid Delirium Link