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coloring clarification

A topic by bothunsam created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 316 Replies: 7
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Hey quick question about the CGA jam - Is it alright to use the pallette as a "base" to then add lighting etc around, or should the game be hard restricted to just the four colors (first screenshot vs second screenshot). I have a feeling it has to look like the second one but i just wanted to make sure!

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From what I've read in other threads, if you use an image effect to dither the shadow into black/white pixels its fine, but otherwise not.

Exaclty whatmerlin4 says. The game only can show 4 colors , from the choosed palette. After that 4 colors you can add a button to On/Off filters like scanlines, CRT effect or similar.

Alright, as I thought. Thanks!

another question... in the description it says to use pink as #FF00FF but in the palette image on wikipedia ( the pink is I believe #FF55FF. Which is it or is either one okay?

pink as in magenta r=255, g=0,b=255

alright just a little confusing as the link in the jam description as well as this image say that pink is #FF55FF

yep there is a high and low intensity palette. the two main are the high intensity 0 and 1, with 0 and 1 being the darker versions

The full CGA color palette is not allowed

So I would have thought FFAAFF was valid.

I think it is the spirit of CGA palette that needs to be kept. So you have a 'pink/magenta' a darker version of that for the other palette, etc