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Can we have particles that go transparent?

A topic by sachosdev created May 30, 2017 Views: 259 Replies: 2
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Say i use Construct 2 particle system and have some particles (that use the right color palette) but the particles fade out, would that be kinda cheating? i mean when they go transparent they change color...

Max 4 colors, so do the Fade-Out yes will be cheating, think this was not able in a CGA computer.

BTW, you can use a filter for the layout to recude the colors to 4 and use the Fade-Out then the filter will transform the fade out using the 4 colors using dithering, that i thing there is another .FX called dithering.

But, as i said is not possible make a fade-out like that, only 4 colors.

Thanks for the tip will try it out