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Gravity Shooter

A topic by Bacul33 created May 31, 2017 Views: 608 Replies: 17
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I have decided to go with "Gravity" for my theme. I have always loved the arcade game Galaga. I would like to create an homage to this classic shooter. I spent a few minutes working on a ship design. I'm not sure if this is for an enemy or the player yet.

Day 1 Progress. Decided to create a side scrolling shooter instead of vertical like Galaga. Also trying to figure out how gravity comes into play.  Any suggestions? Here's what I've got done so far:


Looks real nice! Maybe be attracted to planets/stellar objects according to its mass and play around with that? Just a random thought.


maybe you can use gravitational force around those planets? and..instead of shmup its a choose the best way and try to hit less troubles on the way?


Cool planet!

What engine are you planning to use?

I'm using Gamemaker studio 1.4. 

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Those small particles look like stars but are moving faster than the closer planets. Are they particles or did you mess up the parrallax? :P

As for a use for gravity,  maybe your bullets/rockest/etc could be effected by the bodies. The bigger the body the larger the gravitational effect. It would make aiming difficult against particular targets... But would just look cool when you're just spraying bullets everywhere. :P

Yes the small particles are a work in progress. I'm changing the background layers right now. I wanted to do some "Light Speed" streaks, but it was WAY too "busy". Thanks for the suggestions on gravity. I would like to have an effect like that. I'm not sure I will have time to implement it.

Day 2 Progress. Fixed background issues. Tried the Low Intensity Pallette #0, but decided to stick with the High. Added another background layer. Next I plan to add a foreground layer and start on some object sprites.

Day 3. Added foreground, drew player sprites, implemented simple controls, and animated player sprite.

Oh yeah, that looks really nice now!


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Day 4. Drew and animated first enemy sprites. I made three variations of one sprite. I call them The Tormented.

Day 5. Added ability to shoot enemies, created enemy spawners, fixed a few issues and bugs.

Added a title screen. I'm still struggling with the whole Gravity aspect. I want to do something special.

I have been working on creating a couple of different enemies, and I scaled up the player and enemy sprites because they were too difficult to hit. Also, when an enemy is hit by a bullet, it falls to the ground and explodes. I need to add a scoring system and all of the sound assets. 

And I'm spent...