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My final submission for the CGA Jam. If you can't see the entire screen, hit the fullscreen button in the bottom right corner.

And I'm spent...

I have been working on creating a couple of different enemies, and I scaled up the player and enemy sprites because they were too difficult to hit. Also, when an enemy is hit by a bullet, it falls to the ground and explodes. I need to add a scoring system and all of the sound assets. 

Added a title screen. I'm still struggling with the whole Gravity aspect. I want to do something special.

Day 5. Added ability to shoot enemies, created enemy spawners, fixed a few issues and bugs.

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Day 4. Drew and animated first enemy sprites. I made three variations of one sprite. I call them The Tormented. http://imgur.com/a/8fsEM


Day 3. Added foreground, drew player sprites, implemented simple controls, and animated player sprite.  http://imgur.com/a/SFP33

Day 2 Progress. Fixed background issues. Tried the Low Intensity Pallette #0, but decided to stick with the High. Added another background layer. Next I plan to add a foreground layer and start on some object sprites. http://imgur.com/a/ks3S5

Yes the small particles are a work in progress. I'm changing the background layers right now. I wanted to do some "Light Speed" streaks, but it was WAY too "busy". Thanks for the suggestions on gravity. I would like to have an effect like that. I'm not sure I will have time to implement it.

I'm using Gamemaker studio 1.4. 

Day 1 Progress. Decided to create a side scrolling shooter instead of vertical like Galaga. Also trying to figure out how gravity comes into play.  Any suggestions? Here's what I've got done so far:  http://imgur.com/a/RHDnd

CGA JAM community · Created a new topic Gravity Shooter

I have decided to go with "Gravity" for my theme. I have always loved the arcade game Galaga. I would like to create an homage to this classic shooter. I spent a few minutes working on a ship design. I'm not sure if this is for an enemy or the player yet. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pf0...

OK. I Think it's playable now. Finally.