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A topic by Sivad's Sanctum created Jul 29, 2020 Views: 462 Replies: 25
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Feel free to post your system questions and musings here!

just purchased the game! Main question I have is how HP is determined. Do you straight roll a number of d6 equal to your Iron?  So an 18 would garner 18d6 for HP?


Correct! It may seem like a lot up front, but the exploding dice quickly whittle those numbers down.

Gotcha, yeah after rereading the damage rules and the existence of the Gatling Gun I can see the design behind it, thank you!


Not a problem!

You answered my question about HP = d6 * IRON.  ;)  When I read the rules I had the same question.  For exploding dice the rules infer that only happens one time.  So if I shoot with a gun that does 1d8 and I roll an 8 I roll an addition 1d8.  The rules do NOT mention that extra dice exploding.  ;)  So the way I read it they only explode once.  Is that correct?

How does a renown roll fail? By getting anything other than a 1?

Developer (1 edit)

Lower is better when it comes to Renown rolls. Anything other than a 1 isn't an outright failure, just not the best possible outcome. In my games I usually treat it as a 50/50 chance of success. 

I see now. That helps a lot, thanks for the reply!


Of course!

I have another question. In the dueling section I'm struggling with the part about instant kills.

If a level 3 cowboy can instantly kill an opponent "on a roll of 2-3 as their total" does this mean a level 6 instantly kills on a roll of 5-6 as their total? Does being a higher level increase the chances of an instant kill or does it simply change the number? 

Okay so I'm level 2. I roll. It adds up to 2 (but it would have also worked if I rolled a sum of 1).

So by that logic if I work my way to level 5 and I roll it has to add up to 5, right? (But it could have also worked if I rolled a sum of 4?)

Does a level 1 have to roll a 3 for an instant kill or do they need to roll a 1 in a duel specifically?

Sorry if this is confusing but I'm confused.


Sorry about the confusion, I'm not the best at writing rules clearly and I'll be hiring an editor for future endeavors.

A level 6 cowpoke would instant kill on a roll of 3, 4, 5, or 6. Leveling up increases your instant kill range, not change the number.

Level 1 cowpokes would also instant kill on a roll of 3, the range doesn't really increase until level 4.

Sorry again for any confusion!

If a level 6 instant kills on a roll of 3-6 would a level 4 instant kill on a roll of 3-4?

But then why does a level 3 kill on a roll of 2-3? Would it not be just a 3?

I'm assuming a level 2 player would kill on a roll of 1-2?



Ah, okay, I see where your confusion is coming from. Duels are treated differently than normal combat, so instead of rolling the standard 3d6 you roll Renown + Weapon Damage. An instant kill triggers when the total is less than or equal to your level.

That makes so much more sense, thank you! I've been wracking my brain and I'm glad to finally have my head wrapped around this mechanic.


Glad to be of help!

Wondering when you were going to ship the zine. Thanks!


It will most definitely be this week, just waiting on some plastic sleeves for protection during shipment! 

Received the copy I ordered this morning, it got over the pond to the UK nice and quickly. It's a lovely little production and feels really high quality. Hopefully I will be able to get it to the tabletop (or at least a discord server given the current global situation) soon. Until then I am going to play with the GM tools and see what sort of adventures I can come up with.


Good to know! Hope you enjoy!

Does the physical zine come with a PDF as well?


It does indeed!

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Hey just bought the game and I'm really digging it so far! I have a question about renown and bounties. On page 12 it indicates that a low renown die is a d20 and a high renown die is a d4.  And for bounties it indicates that you roll renown and multiply the result by $100.

If high renown players fail an all-or-nothing appeal they would be the target of a 1d4 x $100 bounty. And if low renown players fail their all-or-nothing appeal they would be facing a 1d20 x $100 bounty. Do I have that correct? If so shouldn't renown and bounty have an inverse relationship? 

Sorry if I don't have this right! Trying to get it down pat so I can play it with my father. 


Hey there! Thanks for your support, glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

Alright, bear with me, Renown wasn't my strongest bit of writing here:

The way I see it, a low renown player is the lowest of the low - a nobody without any bearing on society at large. So, if such an individual were to commit a crime then they would have to face the full force of the law and a bounty to match. A high bounty player on the other hand is a celebrity of sorts - a mythical figure whose name is known far and wide. If this is their first time breaking the law, maybe their reputation softens the bounty on their head? Maybe the sheriff looks the other way and muddles the details of the crime? Conversely, if this isn't their first time committing a crime then what difference will a few hundred more on their bounty make really?

Interesting! OK that makes sense to me. I like your approach here and see it definitely as flexible. Taking the attitude of local law enforcement and other influential people into account makes sense.  Thanks and I'd love to see more supplements or adventures.

I cannot find anywhere to ask so I will ask here...

Do folks have good recommendations for tall tales for ITLOASS?  

I am looking to run this as a one-shot and would love to get a tight adventure where the PC are all part of a posse, or bounty hunters, etc.