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John Taber

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Hot darn!  I cross posted this on my site.  ;)  Very excited!


Is the PDF version here the same as the softcover printed edition?

Thanks for the nice reply!  :D

i want to make a 1940's/1950's city for a City Of Mist campaign WITH my players.  I found this tool.  Would it work for a modern city?


The author replied yes...that means the defender in twitter.

I need a rule clarification.  It says, "If an attack proves unsuccessful, whether by a cowpoke or an opponent, then the intended party can make an attack in return."  Does "intended party" mean the defender?  I assume it does but it is not clear to me.


I cannot find anywhere to ask so I will ask here...

Do folks have good recommendations for tall tales for ITLOASS?  

I am looking to run this as a one-shot and would love to get a tight adventure where the PC are all part of a posse, or bounty hunters, etc.

You answered my question about HP = d6 * IRON.  ;)  When I read the rules I had the same question.  For exploding dice the rules infer that only happens one time.  So if I shoot with a gun that does 1d8 and I roll an 8 I roll an addition 1d8.  The rules do NOT mention that extra dice exploding.  ;)  So the way I read it they only explode once.  Is that correct?

When I click on the link for the Bonanza edition I get an error that I cannot access the page.  :(

How do I get this?  I do not see a link or anything for sale.  :

Any news on a print copy?  :)

( Raises hand. )  I would love to buy one if you ever get that far.  :)

Thanks!  Can't wait!  :D

Is there a place where I can get a print copy?  ( Sorry if you already posted this... )

Did the hard copies of Mayfield ship?

It took a while but I also found links under my username then Library I think is was...  THANKS!  :D

Thanks!  :)

I don't see an estimate on when the preorder will be ready?  Are we talking 2021 Summer?  Can I get a ROUGH estimate?  :)

I am not an person.  :)  I already paid for this...where do I download the new version?  Thanks.

Do you have to have BOLT to play this or is it standalone?

I am new to  How many pages is this document?

John T>