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The Manor community · Created a new topic Corrections

Please post any errors in the text in this thread for correction - and to make sure they've not already been called out. 

Please don't feel compelled to post here - this is simply a place for those who want to call out errors, not a source of unpaid labor.



Thanks for your support! The benefits are purely narrative based. For example, a dagger and a broadsword do the same damage, but a dagger is easily concealed. A warhammer and an axe are equally deadly, but you can't cut down a tree with a warhammer.

I'll get into contact with EF and remedy that! Thanks for letting me know!

Funnily enough, I'll be uploading a black powder supplement for HELM here shortly! Suffice to say, reskin the ranged weapons, beef up the ranges, and add a misfire mechanic.

It's about time!

Flip a coin! As for weapons, it's all about the story at my table. Sure, there's no real difference between an axe and a longsword, but you can't chop down a tree with a sword ;)

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I let individual Quartermasters determine that for their tables. Me personally, I start reducing Pace by 1 for each item over carrying capacity. As for the Pace colomn in Armor, that is your max Pace while wearing that particular armor type. Thanks for your support!

Much appreciated! I'd love to know how that goes!

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I'll direct you to System Shock under the Players section of the SRD. It's a more updated version of the rules that I'll be adding to the zine.

This is how I utilize weapon ranges: 

The three ranges represent short/medium/and long range respectively. At short ranges, apply +1 bonus to damage; at long ranges, apply -1 to damage.

YMMV, do what feels right at your table.

That's... actually a really good point. Looks like I have some retooling to do!

It depends on the table, but that's how I run it!

The number inside the () is the amount of damage needed to trigger an injury, the number outside the (). So, a 3(2) enemy needs to recieve 2 damage 3 times in order to fall.

Community copies available!

That's the plan! Some time after Vol. 3 is released!

I was so grateful for Jason's and Tom's kind words! Easily a peak for me!

Made some improvements that might be a bit more to your liking!

I'll get to work on that! Thanks for your support!

I made an adventure for Tunnel Goons called Wondrous Invention. I call it a party crawl because rather than a combat-filled slaughterfest, I designed this thing to be bested primarily through roleplaying and clever schemes. Check it out!

That's correct! It may seem high, but the exploding damage dice really eat away at those high numbers.

Try it now!

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Really looking forward to the stuff that'll come out of this! As for other games that might benefit, I humbly submit my own:

I really appreciate that, but I would have never come up with this if I hadn't read A Simple Dungeon. Micah's the real MVP here!

A ghoulish adventure I cobbled together over the weekend

Hey there! Thanks for the support!

R:D10 represents Doyle's level of Renown.

And you have the right idea with the Mother and the Skulls, that's a typo I've been meaning to fix for a while.

Sorry for any confusion!

Hey there! Thanks for your support, glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

Alright, bear with me, Renown wasn't my strongest bit of writing here:

The way I see it, a low renown player is the lowest of the low - a nobody without any bearing on society at large. So, if such an individual were to commit a crime then they would have to face the full force of the law and a bounty to match. A high bounty player on the other hand is a celebrity of sorts - a mythical figure whose name is known far and wide. If this is their first time breaking the law, maybe their reputation softens the bounty on their head? Maybe the sheriff looks the other way and muddles the details of the crime? Conversely, if this isn't their first time committing a crime then what difference will a few hundred more on their bounty make really?

It does indeed!

Those lasso rules are top notch!

Good to know! Hope you enjoy!

It will most definitely be this week, just waiting on some plastic sleeves for protection during shipment! 

You're absolutely right, just fixed it!

Glad to be of help!


Ah, okay, I see where your confusion is coming from. Duels are treated differently than normal combat, so instead of rolling the standard 3d6 you roll Renown + Weapon Damage. An instant kill triggers when the total is less than or equal to your level.

Sorry about the confusion, I'm not the best at writing rules clearly and I'll be hiring an editor for future endeavors.

A level 6 cowpoke would instant kill on a roll of 3, 4, 5, or 6. Leveling up increases your instant kill range, not change the number.

Level 1 cowpokes would also instant kill on a roll of 3, the range doesn't really increase until level 4.

Sorry again for any confusion!

Of course!

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Lower is better when it comes to Renown rolls. Anything other than a 1 isn't an outright failure, just not the best possible outcome. In my games I usually treat it as a 50/50 chance of success. 

Not a problem!