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It's still in the works! Life stuff has slowed the writing, but I'm still chipping away at it.

The project is still updating. Life stuff has gotten in the way, so updates are slowing down.

Thanks for the support!

All the territories extend beyond the borders of the Sierra Verde. The Tupelo Territory in Bonanza edition is not representative of this Tupelo Territory.

Still working on it! These classics are tough nuts to crack.

Hey thanks! That means a lot :)


Not a bad idea! I'll see what I can do for the next update.

Please post any errors you find in this thread for correction - make sure they haven't already been pointed out. 

Please do not feel the need to post here - this is simply so there is a single place for those who want to call out mistakes. Not looking for unpaid workers.

Thanks, friend! Let me know what you think.

Hey, thanks! Western games are a ton of fun, not at all different from the normal fantasy fare!

This is something that will be rememdied in the future, as I'm working on a new edition of ILSS which blends Bonanza Edition and Ghosts' system. For now, it's safe to assume that NPCs and monsters will follow mechanics deatiled in Bonanza Edition.

Sounds like a prime time for negotiations amongst your various Partners! In all seriousness, I usually handle it as Partners divide a half share equally amongst each other.

Please, ask away!

It's a small inconsistency. Posse is used as the equivalent of 'party'.

As neutral as they can be!

Coming soon!

Ghosts has its own self-contained system for character creation, combat, and hex travel. This is further expanded upon within ILSS, but it isn't necessary.

Go for it!

Eventually! That's what we're funding!

Correct, the downloads won't be available until February! This is a prelaunch page to get the word out.

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Awesome! Would love to know how that demo went!

I usually roll on the wound table and ad-lib from there. If the same result is rolled multiple times, I describe it as targeting an already damaged location.

Still working towards funding a print run, should be soon!

The Manor community · Created a new topic Corrections

Please post any errors in the text in this thread for correction - and to make sure they've not already been called out. 

Please don't feel compelled to post here - this is simply a place for those who want to call out errors, not a source of unpaid labor.



Thanks for your support! The benefits are purely narrative based. For example, a dagger and a broadsword do the same damage, but a dagger is easily concealed. A warhammer and an axe are equally deadly, but you can't cut down a tree with a warhammer.

I'll get into contact with EF and remedy that! Thanks for letting me know!

Funnily enough, I'll be uploading a black powder supplement for HELM here shortly! Suffice to say, reskin the ranged weapons, beef up the ranges, and add a misfire mechanic.

It's about time!

Flip a coin! As for weapons, it's all about the story at my table. Sure, there's no real difference between an axe and a longsword, but you can't chop down a tree with a sword ;)

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I let individual Quartermasters determine that for their tables. Me personally, I start reducing Pace by 1 for each item over carrying capacity. As for the Pace colomn in Armor, that is your max Pace while wearing that particular armor type. Thanks for your support!

Much appreciated! I'd love to know how that goes!

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I'll direct you to System Shock under the Players section of the SRD. It's a more updated version of the rules that I'll be adding to the zine.

This is how I utilize weapon ranges: 

The three ranges represent short/medium/and long range respectively. At short ranges, apply +1 bonus to damage; at long ranges, apply -1 to damage.

YMMV, do what feels right at your table.

That's... actually a really good point. Looks like I have some retooling to do!

It depends on the table, but that's how I run it!

The number inside the () is the amount of damage needed to trigger an injury, the number outside the (). So, a 3(2) enemy needs to recieve 2 damage 3 times in order to fall.

Community copies available!