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I enjoyed using it but it's quickly showing its age. It could have been great so it's sad to see.

I've been getting some errors. Both devices are Windows 10.

On the computer with a 1.60 GHz processor I'm getting "Fatal error detected. Failed to execute script opencvtuber". It could be because the program is too extensive for the hardware so I tried my other computer.

On that one it does start. However the character and background load at an angle and partially out of the window. It doesn't respond well to the camera even with good lighting and even when I tilted the device the character and background continued to be at an angle.

Upon exiting the program, I get the following error:

I think the program has potential though. Could there be a way to lock the character portrait in place and only react to sound or voice? I'm thinking of something like Star Fox.

Also is there a way to change the background's color or anything? Is there a menu key I may have missed?

Oh my god, I don't know why I didn't think to do that. Thanks!

Is there any way to save in png rather than jpg?

That makes so much more sense, thank you! I've been wracking my brain and I'm glad to finally have my head wrapped around this mechanic.

If a level 6 instant kills on a roll of 3-6 would a level 4 instant kill on a roll of 3-4?

But then why does a level 3 kill on a roll of 2-3? Would it not be just a 3?

I'm assuming a level 2 player would kill on a roll of 1-2?

I have another question. In the dueling section I'm struggling with the part about instant kills.

If a level 3 cowboy can instantly kill an opponent "on a roll of 2-3 as their total" does this mean a level 6 instantly kills on a roll of 5-6 as their total? Does being a higher level increase the chances of an instant kill or does it simply change the number? 

Okay so I'm level 2. I roll. It adds up to 2 (but it would have also worked if I rolled a sum of 1).

So by that logic if I work my way to level 5 and I roll it has to add up to 5, right? (But it could have also worked if I rolled a sum of 4?)

Does a level 1 have to roll a 3 for an instant kill or do they need to roll a 1 in a duel specifically?

Sorry if this is confusing but I'm confused.

I see now. That helps a lot, thanks for the reply!

How does a renown roll fail? By getting anything other than a 1?