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Projects in this bundle are hidden in your library

A topic by ChildishGiant created Jun 07, 2020 Views: 422 Replies: 11
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"Note: Projects in this bundle are hidden in your library by default untill you first access them in order to avoid flooding your library. You can return to this page at any time to access any projects you wish to show in your library." 

Is there a way to put all of the projects into my library? I use an external tool for my library but it won't pick games up because they're in this odd limbo state. If I go onto the game's page there's no option to install so I have to go through 25 seperate pages to find the projects I want. 

Not to hijack your thread, but I have a related question:

Is there a way to re-hide projects which have been unhidden? In case I check something out, it gets automatically added but I decide it's not for me?


That's on the roadmap, but not available yet, sorry. For now you can contact support and request it. Hope this helps!

Ok, thanks! If I download something I end up really hating then I guess that will be enough motivation to write to support.


Many parts of Itch, in particular the bundle and library pages, were never designed to support a huge number of entries. Bulk adding features have been left out for now to avoid breaking the site. Please stand by. Thank you.


Where will an official announcement be made? And I mean specifically to this issue. Something I could track? It'd be nice if we could subscribe to a notification specifically for this.

I'm a GOG Galaxy user and it's super nice seeing what I already have across platforms. (and to have a record month of newly added games :P )

I also don't think it's fair to the end-user. Right now I have to go to the bundle, click download to validate the purchase so to say. If I found the game by browsing the store right now I would see the banner about it being part of the bundle, but post-bundle I'd be lead to believe I don't own it.

Maybe you thought of this already, but honestly I'd really appreciate just having it all activated right away.

Many thanks to you and everyone who submitted their games for this. It's quite an incredible bundle. Possibly the best bundle I've ever seen. Truly epic. :)


As I already said, the reason why all games from the bundle haven't been auto-added to your library is that your library would break. The site was simply never designed to handle something that big. Our dev team had to scramble just to make bundles work under such a load. The rest is coming along, it's just going to take some time.

Speaking of which: to get updates, try following @itchio if you have Twitter, or come over to the Discord server if that's all right. Otherwise, I could ask about other potential channels. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the response! I think I underestimated how much work there needs to be done on the backend. Fair enough. :)

As for updates... Well I hardly check my Twitter and when I do it's more like catching up with notifications and whatever random stuff appears in my feed for about two scrolls...

Discord I hardly ever use for anything beyond game voice chat and even that less so. I am also very wary of allowing anything ping me, so there's that. I guess if there is not a one-purpose page that I can subscribe to for a single notification, email would be best, then I'll just try to remind myself one day that "hey... My biggest digital library isn't Steam or GOG, it's" and I gotta check that day then if I can finally mass-claim! XD


Well, I've asked our admins about alternate update channels. Will get back to you.

Love you! :)


You're very kind, but I'm afraid the answer is negative.

No problem, I'll just keep waiting like this then. It's not like I wouldn't be interested in in general, I think I even already follow on Twitter, but staying up to date with everyone about everything is just impossible these days.

So whenever possible I try to get granular notifications. If that's not foreseen then I'm still grateful for this bundle of bundles. Gifted one to a good friend of mine already as well. :)

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