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Hi! I also got the message from you but can't find the key on the page. I'm assuming that means it's been taken?

The big knight with a red shield has no death animation. I'm guessing that's because the player can't kill them but spikes can so he just vanishes without particles.

I won after only 2 floors, I'm assuming this isn't intended

Holy fuck

Looks like it doesn't sit well with Brave's device recognition blocker. It's blocking whatever script is from (That's just a general itch host though)

Init OS
Init Audio
Init VS
Init Physicsserver
**ERROR**: exception thrown: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null,TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null at lengthBytesUTF8 ( at intArrayFromString ( at _glGetString ( at __ZN15RasterizerGLES310initializeEv (wasm-function[7689]:103) at __ZN18VisualServerRaster4initEv (wasm-function[25579]:30) at __ZN13OS_JavaScript10initializeERKN2OS9VideoModeEii (wasm-function[290]:4265) at __ZN4Main6setup2Ey (wasm-function[567]:229) at __ZN4Main5setupEPKciPPcb (wasm-function[564]:16975) at _main (wasm-function[395]:54) at Object._main (
**ERROR**: Cannot read property 'length' of null
IndexedDB not available: The user denied permission to access the database.
**ERROR**: Condition ' !_start_success ' is true. returned: false
**ERROR**: At: main/main.cpp:1246:start() - Condition ' !_start_success ' is true. returned: false

I'm on Brave 0.56.15. It turns out the browser blocked what it thinks is an attempt to fingerprint the device. If you want to file a report to the browser devs you can do so here:


it no loading

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Is the source available anywhere?