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Help! Game breaks when zipped, uploaded, and re-downloaded.

A topic by max levine stuff created May 20, 2017 Views: 303 Replies: 4
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I made a number of games in Game Maker for Mac. They work perfectly fine when I zip them, unzip them, and play them. However, when I zip one, upload it to Itch, then redownload it, unzip it, and try playing, it doesnt work! It says "this program is broken. you should move it to the trash." :(



I don't have a Mac, nor the knowledge of how to develop for Macs, but when I unpack the archive I get a folder called "Flight of Silent Bob", inside of which there's "Flight of Silent", and inside of that there's "Contents". Somehow, I doubt this is correct Mac app structure. Try double-checking packaging instructions. :)

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definitely is the right structure, otherwise it wouldn't have worked when I tried it before uploading. Map .apps have a Contents folder where all their files are.

The only thing that might be off about mine is that I actually put the app inside a folder and then zipped that folder, thinking that might alleviate the issue (it didn't).

Somehow Itch is changing and destroying the project when it's uploaded


Nah, we wouldn't destroy your game :)

Have you tried with ?

macOS is especially paranoid about apps you download from the internet (which is why it seems is "breaking" them - but it's the same file!). That's because it'll only trust apps that have been code signed:

The app works around that & let users play your game anyway!

Thank you, the game does seem to be working through the Itch app. I'm not sure why it isn't working outside though. I changed my security settings and even tried running a command through the command line to disable it further, but the computer still calls the game "broken." Whatever, all that matters is that it works somewhere, so it's not an issue with the game itself but with the computer.