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A topic by rava created Apr 26, 2017 Views: 195 Replies: 3
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I feel like game ratings aren't promoted quite enough. As an anecdote, I have around 175k downloads on one my games, and 50 ratings.

On the web version there's the tiniest button in the world on the side of the page (see below if you too have missed it.) And in the app it seems like there's no way of rating, or they're even more hidden.


My suggestion would be moving the ratings to a more obvious place. If someone is going to comment, chances are they're willing to rate while at it.


That might be an idea. If the ratio you mention is typical, that would explain why I never got a single rating on any of my games. Though I try to rate at least some of those I play myself -- the existing button isn't exactly hard to find, either.

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I was the person that pointed that out to you on Reddit. They do have ratings on user feeds after you've played the game, but that's only if people have an account. Other than that there is no way to rate a game in the client and that's what I use. Its a pain having to search out the page to rate.

As for me I've got 6 ratings on a game with 120 downloads (1 rating is from a friend). The other game has 300+ downloads and 2 ratings.

Also having my name tied to a rating makes me far less likely to rate a game unless its 5 stars. At that point I'd rather comment to hopefully encourage a product to be enhanced.


Thanks for the feedback. Ratings are definitely an overlooked feature right now. We want to overhaul them since they are a useful way sort through games.