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Tiny post-gamejam devlog

I've had to remove Stripe from payment options because they're generally awful.

If you don't have PayPal to purchase the game on Itch, you can try buying the game on Discord, Kartridge, or Steam who have reasonable payment providers.


Late by 31 seconds


This should've already been fixed in a patch a ways back. Make sure you have the latest version by following MaD2 news and redownloading the game after an update.

Not possible. ChromeOS is awful.

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If you bought before Steam release you're eligible for a key:

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It's not an automated process. You can request a key via email following the instructions here:

I don't know how the payment processor handles different currencies since it's a third-party system. Feel free to test it out, or contact Itch support who may know more about it.

Particle Effects can be found via the Detail tool since they now preview directly on the selected item instead of a separate menu.

It should just work as long as Flash is supported.

Can you try the things suggested in the post below? And post the details requested if the things don't work.