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Unfortunately not natively at least.

There's a chance it runs in some of the ancient flash players available on linux (11?), or the exe on wine/etc. Haven't tested either though.

This version hasn't been updated in years, says so right on the page. There wasn't enough interest to make updating worth it.

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I feel like game ratings aren't promoted quite enough. As an anecdote, I have around 175k downloads on one my games, and 50 ratings.

On the web version there's the tiniest button in the world on the side of the page (see below if you too have missed it.) And in the app it seems like there's no way of rating, or they're even more hidden.


My suggestion would be moving the ratings to a more obvious place. If someone is going to comment, chances are they're willing to rate while at it.

I'm ending the support on this version of MaD2. The latest version will only be available on Kongregate.

See this writeup for the reasoning behind the decision.

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MaD2 DL Version uses the Pay What You Want model.

You can change the price to $0.00 if you specifically want to *not* support the game and all of its free updates.

The Download Version of MaD2 has been updated to include November and December items previously only available on Kongregate, as well as all the features/fixes added to the game since.

The update tomorrow will add Nov+Dec items in the dl version along with any fixes made since then.

Effects+March Dailies will be on Kong first as always.

(Edited 1 time)

This version will be updated with the Nov+Dec items early March, at the same time when Effects release on Kong. The latest patch has been in the works for longer than expected and I can't update mid-patch.

I am planning on updating it at some point soonish, but not sure when exactly as I'm working on other things right now.

You can find a small writeup regarding the DL Version I did on the MaD2 forums here.