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it's just plain insulting

A topic by fort447 created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 490 Replies: 8
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I will never do business with itch again. It would n't bother that much if you just dumped the game, and said that's it we no longer support our product. But you try and BS me with a phony "Steam Key" charade, when it's so obvious that Steam is NOT involved with itch or Aven Colony. When I point this out you ban me, it's just plain insulting. Never again.


fort447, it's difficult for me to fathom how someone can actually believe the things you are posting.

First, you were banned for unnecessarily insulting and offensive comments.

Second, how could we have literally thousands of people playing it on Steam RIGHT NOW, and have announced an upcoming Steam release (along with a simultaneous Xbox One and Playstation 4 release), unless we actually planned to do so?

Here's a screenshot from my own Steam app. See Aven Colony in there, along with the Aven Colony Alienware demo? Are you going to claim I faked this? Why are you throwing out so many insults before attempting to understand what's going on?

Lol I made a comment in Aven Colony's forums before and also got deleted from them... so I feel your pain with that company.

However, do note that isn't a publisher or developer on Aven Colony, so your anger is misguided on them. is a platform for distribution, just like Steam. You don't blame Valve when you have a problem with an indie game on Steam, do you?

Here is what I DO know:

1) I paid for the game and I am not going to buy it again.

2) Your web site has a page that says "go to steam we are done the game click here," that does nothing,. It does not send you to steam, it did have a number. Which I saved.

I know your slow, you still with me. I mean 2 whole facts to absorb can be daunting, but I have more, so please try to keep up.

3) Have you ever tried doing a search of Steam for Aven Colony? (it doesn't just magically appear when you enter the site) If you did, you would find that nothing shows ups. So Steam has an unlisted product they don't want anyone to know about. Ok, I am supposed to believe that Steam has a product. They don't want anyone knowing they have the product (that might actually help sales). Steam just wants to have the product, "just for the fun of having it" they don't want to sell any copies. Yeah, I believe that.

4) Which brings up this little point, I am supposed to use what "might" be a key, for a game that I can't find on the Steam site. How is that supposed to work? Another one of your magically appearing sites? Or one of your phantom explanations, on a hap hazard, ill conceived web page, supposedly linking you to the phantom Steam page. That is how it works. Only problem with that is, it doesn't work.

5) You ripped me. I will never do business with anyone involved with this. It's just that simple. It means nothing that YOU have the game on Steam. So an insider has something, big deal. Means nothing.

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Fort I'm sorry to inform you... but you CAN have games not show up on Steam search, but still be on Steam. It's a feature avaliable to developers to test Steam integration in the game BEFORE public release.

A lot of developers use this feature for Closed Betas.

You seem to be under the impression that Valve is in control of when a game goes on sale and when it shows up in search. However, the truth is that the developer decides and has control over all of that. The developer of Aven Colony can make it appear on Steam anytime he wants and he can give keys to it before it's publically known. JUST LIKE WITH ITCHIO, THE PLATFORM DOESN'T HAVE INVOLVEMENT WITH THE PRODUCTS.

And what I find even more strange about your argument... is that you have a Steam Key from the developer, but you won't activate it because you don't believe them? What do you THINK that the key will do if not activate Aven Colony? It would either work or not work... if you don't want to try it, PM it to me and I'll see if it's Aven Colony lol

Oh now it's a closed beta, how dishonest of you.

You basically prove my point. Which is I have no way of activating a steam key. So the Devs don't want the game on Steam. Well exactly how are you supposed the use a "Steam Key" when Steam does not acknowledge the product? "Here is a key, for a product you don't have, the Devs don't want you to have, but tell paying customers to come here for." Yeah, sounds like a winner to me. Tell where to go for that. And NO, don't post some stupid link to Steam, I know how to get to Steam, I have an account. Duh. Tell me where this supposed page is, that you use a key for a game that Steam doesn't have. Ridiculous.

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Also I don't work for Aven Colony, why are you saying it's "Dishonest of me" you do realize I have NOTHING to do with them, right?

Just answer this simple question: Did you even TRY to activate the key?

Ok, thanks for the screen shot, had no idea how to find it. Got it now. Sorry for the attitude, been having a hard time latly.

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It's fine... I just wanted to clear up the misconception that Itch has a hand in the product. It gives Itch a bad reputation when people blame them for things they don't have control of.

Happy I was able to help you redeem your Steam copy of Aven Colony.