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Oh now it's a closed beta, how dishonest of you.

You basically prove my point. Which is I have no way of activating a steam key. So the Devs don't want the game on Steam. Well exactly how are you supposed the use a "Steam Key" when Steam does not acknowledge the product? "Here is a key, for a product you don't have, the Devs don't want you to have, but tell paying customers to come here for." Yeah, sounds like a winner to me. Tell where to go for that. And NO, don't post some stupid link to Steam, I know how to get to Steam, I have an account. Duh. Tell me where this supposed page is, that you use a key for a game that Steam doesn't have. Ridiculous.

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Also I don't work for Aven Colony, why are you saying it's "Dishonest of me" you do realize I have NOTHING to do with them, right?

Just answer this simple question: Did you even TRY to activate the key?

Ok, thanks for the screen shot, had no idea how to find it. Got it now. Sorry for the attitude, been having a hard time latly.

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It's fine... I just wanted to clear up the misconception that Itch has a hand in the product. It gives Itch a bad reputation when people blame them for things they don't have control of.

Happy I was able to help you redeem your Steam copy of Aven Colony.