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Book Translation

A topic by PCBgames created Mar 30, 2020 Views: 1,197 Replies: 4
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I think your book is a great way to learn game dev. I would like to translate it to German so my kids are able to read it.

I could not find any information about the licence of your book. Would it be OK if I tried a translation?

What software did you use to create it? Are there any sources I would need?


Thanks for reaching out! I actually have something that can help you out. As part of an effort to create a French translation of the book, I have taken the content of the book and put each piece of text into a Google Spreadsheet so that each piece of text can be easily and correctly translated. If you put the translation into the spreadsheet, I can get it transferred into the source document and create a German version that can get posted for everyone to use. If you send me your Google account name, I can share the Google Spreadsheet with you. You can DM me on Twitter at @MBoffin, or that same account name at will work as well.

Hi MBoffin,

I also would like to translate your Pico8 book to Hungarian language. Can you share the speadsheet of the book text to be able to translate the text elements to Hungarian? Basically I am graduated as ICT teacher, but I work in the industry. My 10 years old son always forces me to teach him programming. Your book is amazing and I am sure this would be helpful for us and other Hungarian students as well.

My google account is

Kind regards.


Hello, can you please tell me if the French translation is available somewhere ? I think my kids would love to learn pico-8  :)

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Hi PCBgames,

I would love to collaborate on the German translation. Did you set a spreadsheet up already where I can contribute?


-- Olav