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This game promising. I struggled at pendulum, maybe some hint on wall signs would help. The atmosphere of this game is gripping. Dragonfly and crab animations are well made.

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I met with Jules but she did not want to join me. Nice game.

Thank you BGG for your awesome review!

Thank you JK5000!

Thank you for playing with my game and writing this small review. Timing should be improved by implementing delta. Yes the timing is very tight, but that was the real purpose to make the player a little bit frustrated :) 

Thank you your comment! I hope you enjoyed the gameplay.

Thank you for remarks! These things will be added soon.

Thank you! These features will be added after the jam results.

Thank you! This game has some bugs because it was made just in last week. 3rd party 2d physics engine will be added.

Very good concept! Nice artwork!

Thank you Ruben! This is the first playable version. I am planning to pimp it up a little bit.

Thank you for playing this game. I hope you enjoyed it.

I like blowing up junk foods :D Good game!

Awesome game! I like ASCII art and the gameplay too.

I glad to you enjoyed playing with the game!

Thank you! The shortage of the time music not added yet to the game, but it is planned in the future.

Hi Adrian, we are going to improve the camera movement and make the game play more balanced. Thank you for the positive feedback!

Thank you! I glad you liked it. We are planning to add game music and adding more enemies and levels.


if you did not find a team yet, we need a music composer team member. The time is short. We have only two days left. Unfortunately the music has to be composed in TIC-80 music editor:

Link to our game, which is not finished yet:

We need a title, ingame, boss and gameover musics. It would be our pleasure if you join to our team. You can reach me on Discord: pisti72#2353

or on email:

Best game ever! Why is it free?

Hi MBoffin,

I also would like to translate your Pico8 book to Hungarian language. Can you share the speadsheet of the book text to be able to translate the text elements to Hungarian? Basically I am graduated as ICT teacher, but I work in the industry. My 10 years old son always forces me to teach him programming. Your book is amazing and I am sure this would be helpful for us and other Hungarian students as well.

My google account is

Kind regards.