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\o/ So glad to hear! Happy to help. :)

Awesome! Let me know if you run into any problem or have any questions. I'm happy to help. :)

I'll be posting it here soon, and I'll have the finished version at the final SSJ showcase!

Almost forgot to mention... love the journal! :D What a great addition to the game.

This is by far the greatest PICO-8 game I've seen. Very, very nice work. Incredibly inspiring what you've been able to cram into a single cart.

Pretty simple. I just made a simple function called print_shadow. Looks like this:

function print_shadow(msg,x,y,c)
    for i=-1,1 do for j=-1,1 do
    end end

When you make a change to your game's page, the next time you view it there's a message suggesting you post a new devlog about the change. Next to the "New devlog →" button is a text "Dismiss" link to dismiss the message. However, when you click "Dismiss" and it goes back to the Dashboard, you get the toast popup "Changes dismissed".

From a UX standpoint, this is confusing.

<internal monologue>Changes? What changes were dismissed? I was just trying to dismiss the reminder to write a new devlog. Did the changes I made to my game page get reverted? I thought I had saved already? I better check the page again to make sure nothing got reverted....</internal monologue>

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Best basketball-themed pixel art app ever. A++ would draw again.

This game was a blast to play. I love how the discs fly--the physics is totally awesome. Many times found myself leaning my body to "push" it in the right direction. The movement is super smooth. Loved the use of closing the hand to control the movement. Nice job! :D

My high score is 70. What's yours?