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Hello! I'm Dylan Bennett, one of the PIGSquad organizers. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we have a special channel on the PIGSquad Discord just for team-forming! Whether you're an individual looking for a team, or a team looking for members, feel free to use our Discord as a place to find what you're looking for! Good luck, everyone! :)

No, it's actually the same clue as another spot, but a different answer. Maybe think along the lines of who would say such a thing? :)

Thanks! Yes, it's actually passworded on purpose! It will unlock for the PIGSquad showcase stream so it can be played on stream without the answers being spoiled. :) After that, though, it'll be open to everyone.

Oh, that's great to hear! :) I'd be happy to make those demo carts available as well. You can load them in PICO-8's command line by using the following commands:

load #mb_camera

load #mb_camerafollow

load #mb_nestedfor

That was actually a cart I created specifically to demonstrate how camera() works. So I just made part of my _draw() function manually draw a little screen preview in the corner based on where box was. It looks cool, but it took some work to create. I hope that answers your question. (Let me know if you have more.)

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I see two things that may be tripping you up. In your map_setup() function, you have both tools and water set to 1, but I think you probably meant to have one of those be 2 instead.

In your move_player() function, you have it adding 0.1 on button presses, rather than 1. That will definitely make player movement a bit odd.

I hope that helps! If not, let me know and I'll be happy to help debug further.

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I noticed two tiny errors (that are VERY easy to miss, so don't beat yourself up over it). First, in the map_setup() function, you have ania1 and ania2, but they should be anim1 and anim2 (you have a instead of m). That little error will trip you up later. But the one I think that's causing the problem is toward the end of your move_player() function. You have p.x=mid(0,mewx,128) instead of p.x=mid(0,newx,127). (You have mewx instead of newx and 128 instead of 127.) And then on the next line you have p.y=mid(0,newy,64) instead of p.y=mid(0,newy,63). (You have 64 instead of 63.)

Hope that helps! Let me know if you're still stuck after fixing that. (Also, make sure your sprites/tiles don't have any flags checked that shouldn't be checked.)

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One tiny typo might be the cause! It looks like right under the elseif, you have unswap_tile(x.y) instead of unswap_tile(x,y) (period instead of a comma). See if that helps fix things. If not, let me know.

Great work on finding the error. Those typos can be tricky, for sure! Also, for future, if you want a screenshot of ALL your code all at once, you can type...

export cartname.lua.png

...and it will make a PNG of all of your cart's code. (Putting the .lua.png at the end is important!) It's actually kind of cool to see it that way. :) Looks like this:

That's an asterisk! Shift-8. In coding, * is used for multiplication.

I don't think there's a way using the PDFs that are available for download, but I will see what I can do about creating a version of the PDF such that it can be printed double-sided and stapled in the middle!

Absolutely free to use. No license.

According to your YouTube comment, it looks like you got this solved! Let me know if you run into any other questions.

Just saw your other replies. Glad you got it working. It's possible wall and key were set to the same number in the code? Not sure. Well, feel free to reach out if you run into any other problems. Great work so far! :D The sprites look great and I love the premise of the game, haha.

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The best way to fix this is to make a separate, second wall sprite and make that wall both a wall and a key. That way all the rest of your walls use the sprite that's only a wall. Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you need help.

Thanks! This was a lot of fun to make. It was a good challenge for a 48-hour jam to get all four player viewports working the way I wanted, but I think it worked out well. :)

PICO-8 community · Created a new topic Thank you!

Thank you for making this available on so that it can be part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I know several people who will now be getting this bundle because of this addition. Every bit counts. Thanks again. 🥰

I am! Fine bunch of folk there. :)

The top-down adventure game tutorial uses player movement is map-tile by map-tile, and a lot of things in that game's code kind of rely on that fact. For example, the map screens changing as you walk around rely on the idea that the player is only moving in map-tile-sized movements, as opposed to one pixel at a time. Or knowing what map tile you are standing on. Also, the animated tiles function, toggle_tiles(), also assume that the camera is moving left/right and up/down in 16-map-tile increments, as opposed to staying centered on the player. So yes, you can do smooth pixel-by-pixel movement, and have the camera smoothly follow the player around, but that particular game isn't really set up to work well with that kind of player and camera movement.

Doing true enemies that move around the map is a little more complicated because they basically have to move like the player, but instead of waiting for input from the user to move via btnp() commands, they just have their own decisions to make on when and where they move. On top of that, if you only want them to move on specific tiles, you'd need a separate can_move() function for enemies that uses those specific tiles, instead of the generic "wall" tiles that the player uses to determined if they can't move somewhere. I hoe that makes sense.

It's definitely possible, but it does take quite a bit more code. If I have some time, I will try to make a video showing it.

Just a heads-up, you're probably going to want to do the "More Tile Types" bonus video step when creating the teleportation tiles. It allows you to have more than just the 8 flags and lets you have basically as many tile types as you want.

Thanks for the kind words. :) I'm glad they're helpful.

You are absolutely on the right path to solving your problem. All you need to do is make new "teleportation tiles". Basically, if the player tries to move onto a specific teleportation tile, instead of doing something like opening a door, or getting a key, it would change the player's X and Y coordinates to a new location inside the house (the separate part of the map). And then in the house, you would have another teleportation tile whose job it would be to send you back to the coordinates back out in the world. I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you would like more explanation.

Thanks! I appreciate it. :) Also, just a note, you don't have to have a transparent color. For example, if you do palt(0,false) that will give you all 16 colors, including color 0 as non-transparent.

You are still limited to 16 colors on the screen at any one time, but you can use any combination from the 32 colors that you want.

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Great idea! :D

EDIT: Done!

How did you get PICO-8 to begin with? Was it using a redeem code, or did you buy it?

Yeah, PICO-8 actually supports up to 8 players that way! I've yet to make one that supports that many, though. :)

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To be honest, I never tried using the web version. However, when playing with PICO-8, I just have them connected to my computer and it worked fine. I didn't have to do anything special. In terms of code, when detecting button presses, you can use a second parameter (0 through 4) to ask for that button press for a specific controller. For example, btn(0, 2) gets the left button (0) from player 3's controller.

Thanks for reaching out! I actually have something that can help you out. As part of an effort to create a French translation of the book, I have taken the content of the book and put each piece of text into a Google Spreadsheet so that each piece of text can be easily and correctly translated. If you put the translation into the spreadsheet, I can get it transferred into the source document and create a German version that can get posted for everyone to use. If you send me your Google account name, I can share the Google Spreadsheet with you. You can DM me on Twitter at @MBoffin, or that same account name at will work as well.

Cool, well if you run into trouble, let me know and I'd be happy to help. :)

Oops :D Did you get it figured out and working in the end? Sometimes things like that can turn into interesting game mechanics! :D

Sadly, Tassilo Rau recently passed away.

Thank you! I'm really glad to hear it went well. 😄 Feel free to post any questions you might have. My DMs are open on Twitter as well if you ever need any help.

Thank you for the kinds words! I'm glad it was helpful to you. :)

The main reason I'm not using local variables is that while the tutorial is certainly useful for people who have some experience programming, it is designed to be able to be done and understood by someone who has almost no experience coding. As such, I tried to limit the use of local variables to just those variables passed into functions, as I didn't want to try to get into the concept of local vs global variables at this point. In my experience, it can be a tough concept for some people to get their head around, and they're already trying to absorb so many new concepts already. (This is also why each step of the tutorial just adds to code you've written, rather than going back and changing lines of code that are already written.) Hope that helps make it clear. :)

Unfortunately, the disabling of comments is from YouTube, not myself. It is unbelievably hard to reach a real human being to get it resolved, so until then, I can't enable comments. :(

Thank you! I'm really glad to hear they've been so helpful. 😊 Now that I have a workflow nailed down for creating these, I hope to do more. This kind of feedback is definitely encouraging and I appreciate it. 😄 I will definitely keep those ideas in mind for future tutorials.

Love it! :D Nice work! :D

You're welcome! I'm glad it's useful for you. :) If you have any questions or run into any problems, definitely feel free to ask. I'll always be happy to answer questions here, and the BBS is also another fantastic resource for asking questions. The PICO-8 community is amazing and so helpful. :)

\o/ So glad to hear! Happy to help. :)

Awesome! Let me know if you run into any problem or have any questions. I'm happy to help. :)

I'll be posting it here soon, and I'll have the finished version at the final SSJ showcase!