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Dwarf's Mining Team Simulator

A topic by Le6barbare created Apr 08, 2017 Views: 398 Replies: 9
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Hello !

Here is the devlog of my project for this jam ! A small clicker game where you are a Dwarf mine manager.
Earn money to hire miners and earn more money ! $__$

Spent day one making mockup and sprites in black and white. 1bit / Monochrome art is not as easy as I was hoping, but after a couple of try I'm happy with my result

Then I looked for a good palette, I wanted something gameboy-ish but modern at the same time.

The final mockup.

Day two, I've set up in Unity everything I needed to recreate the mockup. I decided to use Unity because that's the engine I'm learning and thus the one I'm the most confident with.

Day five: the core gameplay is programmed, I can earn money by clicking on the mine (with particules, yay!) and buy miners/beers/guards/etc to earn money every second. It is a bit unbalanced though...

Day 6: Added a the feature. The player must maintain a balance between objects to get bonus (or avoid malus).

Example: Miners must have enough beer, with a ratio of 2 beer to 1 dwarf.
If they don't have enough, you get a malus from -1% to -5% of production.
If they have more than needed, you get a bonus from +1% to +5% of production.

Each items is subject to a ratio, with more complexity.
Miners, Guards and Blacksmith needs beer, light and heal.
Miners needs Guards, and Miners and Guards needs Blacksmith.
Each with a different ratio. I'm afraid that's it's going to be over-complicated... :X

My current objective is to polish the game and balance the differents values (price, ratio, bonus/malus)

nice looking graphics. I like the settings inside the rock.

Thanks ! :)

I have make the final change at the game, and it's now online !

still needs to be a little more balanced, but I hope you'll enjoy it !

The particles are getting stuck before being deleted and it only allows two clicks at a time before freezing for a bit. I'm using Firefox on Windows. Please make a native version. o.o

That's strange, I have not this problem with Firefox 52.0.2 (32bits) on Windows. Are you sure your firefox is up to date ?

Anyway, thanks for your feedback ! you'll now find a windows build on the game page ;)

Same version but 64 bit and on Ubuntu. ...Although, I think I was on a different computer at the time, so that may not be valid after all.

Aww, no Linux love?

Okay !

I can make a Linux Build, but I can't test it myself... So please give me a feedback if it's work ! :)

(Linux Version added to the gamepage !)

Good idea and nice graphics!!!! Play it and like it!

Thanks ! I'm glad to hear that ! :)