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Tony Garcia

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Interesting ideas...

Amazing game! Core mechanics are great!

hahaha, that´s the intention!

Muito obrigado! Mais coisa legal vem por aí!

Opa Gilberto, esta iniciativa é nossa do Geração Xeroks. Minha e do Marcus Mortati. Nós agradecemos as suas palavras!

Hi! I´m working in new projects and Orc Leader will be back. Stay Tunned!


Awesome generator! Like a lot!

Beautiful experience!!! A lot of potential!!!!!


I wrote a lot about this game universe and I still have a lot to talk about. Maybe I'll release a small story about this war.

Thanks again for the video!

Congratulations TrueBadger!


Released first beta version!

Excellent!!! I´ll take a look next days and send to you my impressions.

Oh great!!! I´ll take a look!

A tribute to 90´s games! Awesome!


Some suggestions:

- Mobs

- World bosses

I´d like to see your new version, and if you need a playtester, I´m here!


Quest community · Created a new topic More "Tiles"

Love your minimalistic editor. Do you have plans for put mobs, quests or other things?

As a developer and customer, I was quite disappointed with the "free" model of the owners. First, the download on did not work (win 64) and I had to go to the site, to have to do the famous registry to download. (sigh..). I downloaded the software and to my surprise, I still needed to activate a ... demo!

This software stayed exactly 15 seconds on my machine, soon being uninstalled. It's a lot of bureaucracy to test a software. Neither Unreal 4, gave me a headache that your company gave to me ...

Downloading and trying! 

Amazing and very useful!

Love it! Please more levels!

Fantastic work!!!!!

Orc leader month!

Take a look in our AscDunegon postmortem in Indiewatch!

Love your game!

Stay Tunned Guys May, 1! Final and complete release !

Count me in!

I´d like to thanks for this jam. I improved some skills and develops new things for my future games. Again, thanks to Isaac S. Johnson for sound design and music.

Congratulations for all jammers and Kronbits for this idea!


Antonio Marcelo - orcrobot

Release Candidate 01 14/04/2017 - Released

- new splash screen

- sonds and music

- improving game balance

I´d like to thanks to Mr. Isaac S. Johnson for music and sound design. Thanks for your help! You can visit and listen your beautiful work in .

After jam I´ll release PC and Mac versions!

I´ll wait and play!!!!

Steamwar 0.2 released!

Beta Version 0.2 12/04/2017

- splash screen

- first sounds

- improving game balance

Good idea and nice graphics!!!! Play it and like it!

Like it! Alpha version available ?


Your game remembers me the ancient pc games. COOL! Love this kind of game. Keep working in it! Some games made by me in "Jams", are base of my games.

I´ll follow you!

Hi! I got an error in my win 7, missing OpenAL32.dll


PS: I REALLY LIKE TO PLAY YOUR GAME!!! Love this kind of game!

Thanks for your words ! I´ll change the game balancing and implement some more features, Stay tunned!


Update - 10/04/2017 - 5:35 pm

- Bug fix in building construction fix! Thanks to Carlos Monteiro

Simple and addictive. Congratz!