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Antonio Marcelo

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Love the skeleton!

Orc Leader 0.5 on the way!


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Thanks to Mr Big T Anderson!

Interesting experiece and thanks to show me the power of bitsy!

Simple and fun!

Some guys advanced to 4... Press "G" in chapters screen and have fun!

Man...No words... It´s a journey... a fantastic journey!

Thanks, thanks, thanks! Let´s go to explore the underworld!!!!

Hi Bruno,

I´ll write in English because it´s the oficial language here. The legend key file is the first (I´m design manual, lore manal and a lot of things...) and when I reach 10 level,s I´ll release PC and MAC version of the game (HTML5 still on the air for browsers). Next weekend more news are on the way, and that´s it :) !

About Berdolock in Old Dragon, I need to think, but sounds good...

My best regards,

Thanks for your ideas and tips!

Hi guys!

I´d like to announce a new game initiave called AscDungeon . The main goal is develop a plataform/adventure game with old feelings and a lot of nostalgia. I´m an old guy and I play game since old times. I love the oldies and BBS games with a lot of ANSI Art and Atari days.

ANSi art is a computer art form that was widely used on old BBSes. It is very similar to ASCII art, but with a larger set of 256 chars ( includingletters, numbers, and symbols -- the old IBM code page 437) and used in DOS and *nix systems

If you have an idea for a level please feel free to send a message, I´d like to see and ossibly put in the game. My idea is share the game with the community and made two levels for week. That´s it!


Hi guys!

Working a new game about orcs and slaughtering...Orc Leader is based in oldies 80´s games like Roadwar 2000 and another classics. You can play the html 5 dev version in https://amarcelo.itch.io/orc-leader .

I´ll release PC and MAC versions for download. Please feel free to send comments and ideas!

Thanks for your answer!!!! If you need some help to test, feel free to ask me!

Keyboard support please!!!!

Thank you! Please feel free to ask something... Regards!

As you wish sir!!!!

Love this game!!! Give old good memories back! Congratz!

Incredible experience! The idea is fantastic!!! The visual are awesome pretty!

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Hi Guys! Two games released for fun !

Retroblaster - Shooter with Atari Feelings... Web Based

The Year is 2350...

From the depths of the galaxy the Melkars fearful try to dominate the Earth . With a fleet of bio spacecraft , the invaders try to transform the human race in slaves. Humanity sent a fleet of warships to fight them on the edge of terrestrial space , but unfortunately was defeated . With only one ship ,you are the last hope for humankind!

Fields of Gore -

Welcome to the Flelds of Gore, an action adventure, with a lot of adrenalin! You are Xumour Mcgrage, a human hero, soldier and adventurer. Your mission is find and destruct wepons of mass destruction made by the orcs.

But, your mission are though and filled with a lot of dangerous! You need to fight against orcs, magical creatures and explore the terrible Orc´s Island!

A game for the truly hero!

A game with a lot of retro feelings and some surprises, like secrete levels, easter egss, etc. Enter in a world of adventure and action!

An action adventure with a lot of fun, bosses and adrenalin! PC and Mac!

Please donwload, play and give a support! We are working in a lot of games with oldschoo! visual