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Pixel Character

A topic by fethalis created Mar 30, 2017 Views: 803 Replies: 10
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Hello working on new character sprites. You can download it free any critics are welcome.


Hi we are making a videogame we have the story and working on coding and score and we need help with the art for it.

would you be up to be part of the team?

looking forward to hearing from you



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Hello sorry for the late reply. Its hard for me to join a team right now because i am working as a project manager and ceo at the company but in my free times i am happy to help ^^. my e mail :

thanks fethalis, this is very kind of you!!

Hey you're good =D Have you dot other animations to show  ?

Great animation !

I wish you were up for hire...

This one is looks really  great.


Thanks. You can download it if you want. I must be drunk when i make it 1 dollar i don't even remember it :D

Cool character :)

pretty cool smears!