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Emerald Woods

A topic by Slashie created 27 days ago Views: 452 Replies: 16
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Still not sure what will be the point of the game. For now having fun making a roguelike Stardew Valley clone.

Day 1 Report - 3 hours of Dev

  • Base setup using JSRL
  • Till the ground using Hoe
  • Switch current tool using Tab
  • Plant seed
  • Make seeds grow into plants
  • Display Time of the Day
  • Place buildings in map
  • Faint at 2am
  • Spend stamina using tools, and faint
  • Display stamina
  • Chop down trees

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.  A Stardew Valley roguelike sounds very wholesome and pleasant, which is a nice departure from the usual violent fare.

What if it's an extremely violent and gritty vision of Stardew Valley? 


Never mind, I want to keep that idea for myself!


yeah, the plan is to have no combat at all, and also no townspeople to buy with gifts. Just making a living in your farm and building cool things. Exploring the caves around (I've heard there's some people that likes stuff like that). There may also be a mysterious experiment going on that you need to find out about (or not).

So, "M. Night Shyamalan's The Village RL"? : D

I'm on board.  :)


Day 2 report - 3 hours of dev

  • Item stacking
  • Crafting (Create a fence using wood)
  • Plants that produce fruits
  • Sleeping

What is the BEST place to sleep, though?

Inside the house, or a cavern maybe :)

Looking good! Do you have a list of features that you want to implement ?

Not really... I'm just winging it. :P 

Hopefully will discover a meaningul and fun thing along the way :D

Day 3 Report - 3 dev hours

  • Drop produce into exchange machine (to get credits ($$$) next day)
  • 'S' command to extract seeds from plants
  • Implement facing, perform actions in the direction the player is facing
  • Display list of items and selected item
  • Make time go faster while sleeping
  • Make plants take a long time to grow
  • Capture and release beings
  • Drop items from movement move


Day 4 Report - 8 dev hours - Check it out!

  • Instructions
  • Setup map preview tool for procedural generation works
  • Camera follow with dead zone
  • Generate map procedurally (see below)
  • Mining
  • Spend stamina while walking
  • Place crafted objects one by one in the map
  • Opaque and solid objects.

Procedural generation was the bulk of the work today. My initial approach was a three stages generator with the first one generating a low resolution sector map, the second one seeding the sectors and the third one running some Cellular Automata.

That didn't work very well... the transitions between the different areas were just too apparent, and no amount of CE could fix it. 

I decided to discard that initial idea, and instead place the "sectors" as irregular blobs in the Stage 1 generator.

Of course, that was just the beginning. I then had to tweak a lot the seeding and the Cellular Automata rules, and add additional logic for the mountain borders, ending up with this:

Day 5 Report - 5 dev hours - Check it out!

  • Hunger system (and starve to death)
  • Sickness (sleep well or you'll get sick and die)
  • Add trees to map (procgen)
  • Create animal races procedurally (but with a seed, same everytime you play).
  • Spawn animals based on rarity and spread across the map.
  • Examine items and animals using L
  • Change field of view depth and color based on time of day.

Day 6 Report - 8 dev hours - Check it out!

Added contributions from Mateo Robayo and QuietGecko!

  • Tests of new palette
  • Changed some character representations
  • Audio setup
  • First version of environmental audio for forest
  • Sound effects for some actions (axe, pickax, till, etc)

Beside this, the following was added

  • Build objects into the world directly (instead of adding them to the inventory)
  • Change field of view depth and color based on how deep you are into a cavern.
  • Place buildings in the map procedurally.
  • Make the "memory" system remember displayed tiles including items and animals.
  • Render memorized tiles in a different color than the environmental darkness.
  • Make trees solid and opaque
  • Add "notes" with hints
  • Show current day
  • Open and close doors.
  • Craft Raft and row above lakes.
  • Allow breaking down walls and fences

Day 7 Report - 10 dev hours - Success!

Last day, lots of things in. Here are the most relevant changes amidst many UI improvements and fixes:

  • Changes in colors and character for items (mapedorr)
  • Audio for actions (quietgecko)
  • Back to using handcrafted animal races for better descriptions and names. 
  • Tamed animals producing eggs and reproducing.
  • Ambient audio based on time of day (quietgecko)
  • Play music sequences with random behaviour (quietgecko)
  • Add plant types and crops
  • Make animals eat plants
  • Forage berries and mushrooms
  • Nap or sleep until next day
  • Endgame
  • Regen HP
  • Remove animals that are not captured

It's up now at

Total dev hours, around 40

Will probably write more about it later, but gotta recover energies first.

Gerat job, Slash! Thing it's gonna be my favorite one of yours since Ruler. : D