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I love how such a simple game depicts the theme so perfectly I really liked it <3. Clive is a cheating bastard and he should be discualified for Crab Racing Season 2021. 

It works for audio inside unity out of the box but I know a member of our Discord server was able to make integrate Ableton with Apollo through Voicemeeter Banana. You can join here and ask them directly :) 

Hi there Forenza! Welcome to music visualization! 

Apollo is a tool plugin for Unity3D, you need it to start making visualizations, however, we got a free demo available for MAC and PC if you want to see what the plugin can do.

Updated the Linux build! it should work now :) 

Updated the Linux Build! check it out now!

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Actually we're currently updating all builds, I installed linux and made sure it works :D It'll be up in a couple of minutes.

Which Linux distro are you using?

Yes they are! we just uploaded a Linux version! Hope you like it :D

I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks for the review!! :D 

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¡La próxima semana vamos a tener una ronda de talleres en línea con varios miembros de la comunidad!.

Lunes 23 8:00 PM
- @QuietGecko hará un post mortem del audio de su entry para el Último Ludum Dare No Pants Wizard.

Martes 24 y Jueves 26 8:00 PM
- @0xAFBF nos contará sobre su experiencia con Unity y Godot.

Viernes 27 7:00 PM
- @kichex Yo les daré una conferencia sobre tips de supervivencia para game jams y después de eso anunciaremos el tema y daremos comienzo al game jam.

Los streams para cada taller se transmitirán en los canales de Twitch de cada uno de nosotros y estamos gestionando transmisión por Facebook desde Tan Grande Y Jugando. Les contaremos más detalles en cuanto se acerque la fecha, ¡sigan atentos!.

Tiene sentido, los jams de exploración de mecánicas me encantan pero usar un tema más narrativo/estético podría hacer el jam mas accessible para mas personas.

¡Hola gente!

Tenemos una lista de aproximadamente 1022 temas de la cual sacaremos uno el día del evento pero nos gustaría saber: 

¿Qué tipo de temas les gustaría ver?

  • ¿Algo relacionado con Colombia? 
  • ¿Mecánicas extrañas?
  •  ¿Temas narrativos?
  •  ¿Verbos?

Looking good! Do you have a list of features that you want to implement ?

I loved the graphics! 

This is the most awesome "fake" commercial I've ever seen since Strafe. I would totally buy this physical.

Let me know what you've been doing with Apollo! 

This thread is for bug reports and support.

If you have any problem let me know here!

Great game! I loved it! maybe i would change the color of the trail of the box because sometimes I got lost tracking it. Well done and I hope I get to see more games from you ! 

This game is well executed but I think it lacks some way of measuring player's progress and that doesn't motivate the replayability of the game. Still good job on finishing a game in 24 hours. 

Keep submiting games and polishing your craft and I bet your next entry will feel more solid.

Thanks! :D I'll be sure to check your game.
I'm really sad that we weren't able to build a longer level or add more enemies though, time was rough on this jam.  I've been doing some bullet hells for the last jams i've made... I think i should do a full game by now hahahaha.