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[Build 0.2.5] General Discussion & Feedback Locked

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 1,282 Replies: 13
This topic was locked by Minoh Workshop May 29, 2020
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Hello. I'm putting this thread here to serve as a general discussion for whatever. You can talk about what you thought of the latest build. Have fun!


I replayed the game from the start for the first time since Build 0.1's release over 200 days ago and it was nice to renew my interest in the game.

Asterion's interactions with you, the environment descriptions, the guest scenes;  the level of detail in the writing (that I didn't miss any of because I'm a filthy script reader) is just lovely, honestly. My favorite part is probably all of chapter 5.

I think this game has great potential with more content -- I'd personally compare it to Adastra and Echo. Among all of the visual novel projects I follow (several of which are also pretty stellar) this is what I'm most excited for more of.


thanks a lot for replying (and replaying) hsean, we're glad you enjoyed it and i hope we meet your expectations with build 0.3! And yeah chapter 5 was an absolute joy to make a stupid amount of variations for haha

Can't install the Android version, dunno why

Hey, I was wondering about something, how do you make Asterion buff, I suspect you sent him to the valley?


That will be available on build 0.3

However, you can check it how it looks by picking "Anon" as your name in the beginning of the game. That will take you to a special room later where you can see all the ways Asterion can look like.

Out of curiosity, will all the content that is in the VIP room at some point be available in the regular game?


Yep! Those will be unlockable after Asterion heals fully.

Cool, thanks for answering! Will that be in the next update, or later down the line?


The next update will end with Asterion fully healed and some unlockable loot available, but not much. We will only get to most of the accessories on build 0.4, unfortunately.

Fine by me :)
You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!


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