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Ohh commee on

Great, wonder how long that will take, next July? If this game wasn't so good, I'll be disappointed that I'm only hearing this now, but there's still the rest of July to go

Is the voice acting not ready or are you waiting until the next episode? 

Hope you get to choose your boyfriend or be in a polyamorous relationship in the future. Any chance of making the leader romanceable? 

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Aww, I'll still enjoy it though, but the issue is actors matching that characters like did they study them and their personalities. A thing I would like to point out is the casting of specific ones cause there's been trouble with white-washing in movies and shows especially in animation. Thought I should call it out. One more thing, since there will be voice actors in July, do they have to have experience? 

I can deal with that at least until July, at least it will give the game life again

is NSFW only in Simulacrum or not cause I feel like Simulacrums are side stories and if it is so then how many and any new ones coming in the future?

What, no Audio for a whole month, that's disappointing to hear, but at least I can still enjoy the game/sex (I hope). Might not be as much fun without it though. On the bright side, the voices will be smooth and clear, I'm just worried about the actors.

I never experienced the bugs until that chapter though I did hear you mention something about not making the characters sound like robots, guess it's pretty difficult...huh?

Playing through the story is great, it felt alive until episode three, I want y'all to know about future updates if it happens

Good to know cause I passed it and wanna know if I can still do it, I'm still trying to complete the quest.

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Is it possible to do the Full Moon quest if you pass the 30-day mark?

At least give Atsushi some sympathy and maybe Yuu will change his mind in the future as he is unsure about his feelings for Jun right now.

How do I get the full game, all I see is the demo

It ain't my fault that I have the hots for Atsushi, he's a daddy type , lol

I can tell that Elliot is gonna make the first move by how he's coming onto you.

I wonder if Atsushi is a nudist cause he looks to enjoy walking around butt-naked, I also wonder if Yuuichi will like this and join him after accidentally coming to the house. Jun will be so annoyed, might as well join in on the fun -naked party for the future, hope there will be hot scenes coming.

I'm confused cause it won't let me download the whole chapter one, only the second season of one. I don't know about the rest

I'll subscribe in February than, I just hope you'll have everything organized 

So, updates are only on Patreon users and the public will have everything when it's done. Does that mean that the game is finished for the patreon version, but still provides updates including NSFW already implanted. If that's the case that I'll be happy to become a patreon to receive the exclusive content

What's the schedule like and will you provide NSFW content? Is it sill in Beta?

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Awww, what a pity, how am going to enjoy this now?

Looks like Robbie has taken a liking to Matthew. I wonder if there'll be more characters to visit like Scott. that said, Hope the sexual stuff begins next chapter cause what's the point of being a couple if there is no I right? I also wonder if there will be other romanceable characters like the Coach and owl teacher including some new ones.

I never felt so connected to Edger so fast and I just started this and love every minute, wonder if there's gonna be more sexy characters in the future cause so far, all the people I met are sexy (excluding the landlord). I'm gonna subscribe and get the early access, but later though. Wonder if nudity is coming cause that's what's most excite me.

hopefully after he make amends with his sons and being the ONLY straight man in the city, he did take the offer about going to a gay club so my guess is that's where it starts off.

I like the idea so much, hope it comes to light in the future for patreons

I'm very happy to hear what ,my mid is clear from that. Now that that's settled, Now that's the final product is coming soon (guess sometime in November, what can we expect from Robbie and the outcomes, you don't have to be specific, but give us little clues cause I know some people hate spoilers, especially creators of these visual novels. We already have romance, sex, characters.

Played the test run, loved it, but I'm worried about it being extremely kinky which I'm not a fan of.  Amazing characters to look forward too

maybe so, but as many fantasy movies I've seen, becoming one of them is the way to survive or at least in some cases

It would be great if the main character transforms into a beastman by a fountain or something that Ranok, his brother or Verissa told him about to blend in, that might help from hiding all the time so please if it's possible.

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I love this, especially Elliot, he's such a babe, maybe it's maturity. Jude is cute as well but I feel like  he's good at keeping his feeling inside and not much of a talker. Overall, the future is looking bright for this, I'm really interested not just in the males, but the theme behind it. This being the first build, the graphic can only get better with time. I know it's wayyy to early for sex scenes, but Elliot's flirting and build makes me want to go down there. Well, hope there will be more introductions soon cause this will ONLY get better.

The demo is not in English, how do I change it?

I'm rooting for Sathanas

Must be my furry fetish  talking

Atsushi isn't that bad either, it would be nice to proposedly see him naked *wink wink*

What's the difference between both versions?

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only three dateable characters, there are plenty sexy hunks here, we need more if it's in the cards.

I'm curious , but what do you mean by 18+ semi-linear like nudity with one liners, I think?

I'm not too crazy abut the cumshots (makes me sick) or kinks if there are any, but I don't see myself buying this, but it's only the first half so there is gonna be furries included down the road.

I've not played this game since finishing the lion's route, waiting up updates but take your time and don't stress yourself.