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I wish you luck with this; looks promising, but I'm sure there will be other romantic interests in the future.

I'm very thankful kinks are optional, or any kind, nothing wrong, but kinda ruin the sexual experience for me.

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My first play on this, It was fun, I thought you couldn't have sex and form a bond with the headmaster, but I'm very happy you can. I wonder if more fine-looking dudes are coming, I love to meet them if they're as hot as the lion daddy. I got a severe vibe of Happy Potter when he set the rules. I hope you have relationship buildings in the future and explore outside. That twist at the end was unexpected; now we know why Aiden had daddy issues.

Any muscle hairy daddies coming soon, I love those types

Howl for me though he might be the hardest so might possibly require some work.

He needs more time

Is there gonna be a sequel cause you seemed to have ran out of time on adding other love interests?


That's just great

Is Hans gonna be a romantic interest cause he's totally my type? 

I can't get the voice acting,  is it disabled cause I swore I enabled it

Oh, that's what's going on...sorry to hear that, I can wait for chapter 5 while you work out the problem, no rush

Howl's the only one I'm looking forward too or maybe I'm too much of a furry

All we know is it comes out next year and maybe by that time, we'll get more updates on the project.

Go through the caves past the Orc camp, you'll need a light source to see. In the cave, you'll want to go to the top door and exit out

You're on the right path cause I remember the witch ask to bring the wolf fang

How do you find the wolf den, is it random to find Logan?

Hope you get to choose your boyfriend or be in a polyamorous relationship in the future. Any chance of making the leader romanceable? 

is NSFW only in Simulacrum or not cause I feel like Simulacrums are side stories and if it is so then how many and any new ones coming in the future?

Good to know cause I passed it and wanna know if I can still do it, I'm still trying to complete the quest.

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Is it possible to do the Full Moon quest if you pass the 30-day mark?

At least give Atsushi some sympathy and maybe Yuu will change his mind in the future as he is unsure about his feelings for Jun right now.

How do I get the full game, all I see is the demo

It ain't my fault that I have the hots for Atsushi, he's a daddy type , lol

I can tell that Elliot is gonna make the first move by how he's coming onto you.

I wonder if Atsushi is a nudist cause he looks to enjoy walking around butt-naked, I also wonder if Yuuichi will like this and join him after accidentally coming to the house. Jun will be so annoyed, might as well join in on the fun -naked party for the future, hope there will be hot scenes coming.

I'm confused cause it won't let me download the whole chapter one, only the second season of one. I don't know about the rest

I'll subscribe in February than, I just hope you'll have everything organized 

So, updates are only on Patreon users and the public will have everything when it's done. Does that mean that the game is finished for the patreon version, but still provides updates including NSFW already implanted. If that's the case that I'll be happy to become a patreon to receive the exclusive content

What's the schedule like and will you provide NSFW content? Is it sill in Beta?

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Awww, what a pity, how am going to enjoy this now?

Looks like Robbie has taken a liking to Matthew. I wonder if there'll be more characters to visit like Scott. that said, Hope the sexual stuff begins next chapter cause what's the point of being a couple if there is no I right? I also wonder if there will be other romanceable characters like the Coach and owl teacher including some new ones.