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Yes, Please!

Are there any plans for NSFW content with Argos?

Vest. Classy and formal.

Got my fingers crossed for versatile or top, hehe! I like dommy-daddies :P

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I was sitting in front of my inbox all day being like "WHERE'S THE NEW RELEASE LEBOWSKI?!?"

I'm so excited!!!

Fine by me :)
You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!

Cool, thanks for answering! Will that be in the next update, or later down the line?

Out of curiosity, will all the content that is in the VIP room at some point be available in the regular game?

I went for the neck.
That was a strategic error.

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Key phrase "Against his wishes"?

If I remember correctly, the labyrinth can't generate books, they have to be taken in manually from elsewhere.

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For the Asterion gifts, three things come to mind. One is from the modern day; a sweatband. I seem to remember at one point Asterion telling us that he likes to work out, or something along those lines, so this could be something that he appreciates.

Or, for an older theme, we could maybe summon one of those wristwatches with radioactive faces that glow in the dark, which were issued to soldiers in WWI. Asterion's older french master (I'm really sorry, I suck at remembering names) who served in the war could have brought one back to the hotel with him.

Or perhaps it could be a classy dinner jacket from the early 1900s. I don't remember if this is already in the VIP room, but I don't think that it is. He would probably appreciate it, and would like it even more it Kota is in charge of the lounge.

I have not yet sent Asterion out into the valley. He asked me not to, and expressly mentioned torture. Like, I'm into BDSM, but still, doing that to him would be horrible!!! He's clearly scared sh!tless of the place! Also I never trusted the snake; I could tell immediately that he was a sneaky b@stard who thrived on loopholes. Trumping him at his own game felt amazing!

Mostly, I just want to give Asterion hugs and snuggles and tell him that everything is gonna be OK. I guess more specifically, what I'd like to tell him is something along the lines of:
"I know you don't fully trust me yet. I respect why you don't; people like me in the past have gone bad as time went by. I'll reflect on that, and try not to be like them. I can't cross my heart and hope to die that I won't turn out like them, because I can't know the future; and I recognize that I cannot simply command you to feel happy and free, because emotions don't work like that. But I can promise that I'll try to do right by you. That for now, you're free to speak your mind, and do as you please. All I'm asking for is for you to keep an open mind about me until we get to know each other better. And then you can decide for yourself what I am and what you think about me."

Also I'd like to improve his room, make it more comfortable and luxurious for him. That's another thing I'd like to do.

Oh, and also, just a general request, could you put instructions for how to download and play above the download options? Some people (like me; I'm a spoiled new-age fellow who uses Steam, which does everything for me) aren't good with stuff like that, and it took me some doing to figure out how.

(Also, would I be correct in assuming that all that customization stuff (or, at least, most of it) in the VIP room is stuff that will be available to customize Asterion with in later releases of the game?)