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Recent community posts

Oof hope there was added werewolf pissing on player when he submitting

Will this game gonna be free for everyone

I got an idea for new spell thats causing you targeted student to go pee right in front of you

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I mean like watersports(piss) fetish and any others will gonna be here

is there any piss added?

i would like to see pokemon piss stuff here?

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I want know is not chancled to add bottle with equine canine feline rat and if there gonna be gorilla cum then gorilla piss bottles?

Ok sorry

Is there added any piss scenes?

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I mean when you fighting werewolf if player lose against werewolf werewolf pissing on player if player win against werewolf player piss on werewolf and reward  from werewolf is semen or werewolf piss?

can someone add there option to piss on or be pissed on?

Is there any fetish kinks here I mean I would be if furry game not contain fetishes but I just want to know what fetishes are here?

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I think there gonna be male characters

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Is there any chance to see watersports piss fetish in this game

I want to ask what kinks are here?

Sorry for asking is there any chance to see piss in this game or not?

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Is there any chance that there could be piss kink?

I mean for test purpose add there piss fluid

Are you soon gonna add piss here?

Will there gonna be piss fun in this game?

Do you had in mind create roux rpg with piss

Hope you add more piss fun here

So when you add  more watersports events

When you encouter ruvin he have wet spot on pants

Help me with ruvin

How to complete quest pleasing the fox

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i would like to see there bottle feeling with equine canine feline and rat piss

But there could be this content yes

i mean bottles with equine canine feline piss not only cum bottles and maybe also some sort of this scenes in game

I would like to see there some piss in this browser game

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So what about piss addition to this game

I would like to see some watersports piss scenes here

i mean to create version for those who like watersports  piss kink

I played this game twice but i would like to see some watersports piss kink here

when you complete this game its gonna have nsfw concepts

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i would like to see piss here

add some piss here please

would you like add more watersports scenes

i would like to see some piss in this game