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0.6.0 – Where there’s Steam… THERE IS FIRE!

A topic by Doborog Games created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 1,446 Replies: 29
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We are super excited to be there!


Did you buy the game on itch.io?

Don't email us about it! :D

Go read this guide for how to get your Steam key:


What's new in Update 0.6??

With that out of the way, Update 0.6 is here!

There are two major new features: Challenges and Fire!


Challenges is a new game mode that presents you with difficult tasks.

If you complete them you are given an awesome Trophy, a Steam Achievement and sometimes New Upgrades!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.07.59 AM

The Inferno Challenge

10 very difficult levels introducing the Mark 4 fire enemies, fire traps and lava!!!

Expect to be set on fire and die repeatedly. :)

Unlocks: Flame Breath!!!


The Random Upgrade Challenge

It's Upgrade Bot's construction day! 🎉 🎂 🎉

Celebrate by letting it choose your upgrades!

A nice trophy, and the happiness of Upgrade Bot is your only reward. <3

Bow / Hammer Only Challenges

Inspired by REAL HUMANS on youtube, these challenges restrict your arsenal to a single weapon.

What's your reward for completing them? FIRE UPGRADES!!! >:D

Jetpack: NERFED! and also UNNERFED!

Two major changes happened to the jetpack:

  • Nerf: The hammer now swings normally even when jetpacking. You can thank MattShea for highlighting the extreme OPness of the previous version.
  • Un-nerf: The jetpack now stops moving the second you let go of the key. This turns out to be very powerful, enabling you to dart forward in short bursts that you can time with your swings!!!

In the right hands this change could be even more deadly than the new fire upgrades!

Endless Mode has a bunch of new levels!

Harvested from the Inferno Challenge, Endless Mode now has many things that are ON FIRE!


Hey so I bought the game on itch...

Read this guide!!!

How do you use Fire Breath?

Get the upgrade, then press F to activate it!

We forgot to make a tutorial. :P

What do I do now???

  • Go play the Update! :D
  • Write a Steam review!
  • Tell all your friends to get the game!

Thanks everyone for your love and support throughout this amazing journey.

We have many more updates in store for you.



Just like YouTube




Also, I loved the pun you used, Steam reffering to the Steam release, and fire because obvious.


How do I get the update?




But, now, the true comment:

YEAH!!!! CHALLENGES AND FIRE!!! *insert EXTREMELY evil laughter*


Also, the Flaming Jethammer Bots are absurd... and awesome to fight!

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So how long should the confirmation email take for the steam key. its been 1h 30min. should i be worried


It should be pretty quick. Does it allow you to send it again?


so I have tried it multiple times and no result. When the update came I got the notification on my email. But when i try the steam key it doesn't work. When I verified my email (before the steam key) I got the notification. And when I click get steam key it says that the email address is myemail@gmail.. so help

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Is something like this happening (from this guide):

Troubleshooting: When I open the link to get my Steam key itch displays a 404 error.

Solution: This will happen if you open the link in a browser that is not logged in to your itch account.
Ensure you're logged in to itch and try again.

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Update everybody: WE FIGURED IT OUT! It was an issue with the email address. Most other players' emails are probably formatted fine, so if you're having trouble it's likely one of the issues in the troubleshooting guide instead: https://itch.io/t/67604/how-to-get-a-steam-key-from-your-itchio-purchase


Could you try from another browser? Make sure you're logged in to itch, request the key on that browser, open your email and verify it on that browser, and click to get the key again?

Make sure it's not in Incognito / Private mode etc, as that could stop itch from knowing it's still you.

Let me know if that works! If not please email me support@doborog.com and we can try to figure it out. If you know how to take screenshots you can email us what you're seeing as well.




I love it and all that t hinks but i never buy game :/ i had no money only pirate :P sorry but i still love this game im poor whit no money :(


Maybe I could try to cheat a little to get you a legit copy... But it probably won't work...



I think in this update IA behaviour of enemies has been updated to get to you in some multilevel maps. The bots dont try to get to you stupidly, instead try to use jump pads (the one i can think of that has this behavious is deatcube 2.0 but i have seen it in more levels). Can someone confirm that this is not just my imagination? If it is not is very apreciated this change.


You are not crazy! :

While building the level with two ducks I had to either improve that or change the level layout. Enemies now go to the nearest jump pad if you are far above them.


(Comentatron 50) PUT HIM BACK IN THE DEATH CHAINS! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Robots holding Erik hostage) Don't worry, we have some new soldiers here. *calls MK4 Robots*

(Comentatron90) GOOD!


(Commentatron 2.0) Wait a minute... shouldn't you be at the Power Zone Arena!?


get rekt

(comentatron#90) uhhhhh got to go now *Runs away*


PLEASE add a custom mode! Where you can maybe use basic blocks to build a simple arena parts in the main arena and custom rounds and enemy placement, it would be AWESOME and definitely would lead to more people being interested in it.


no, not that. Add workshop yey looking forward to explosions from it...


Why not add both? Then we could make levels and upload them to steam workshop! :D


i like this game a lot the best score i could menage was 33 lol here is the picure http://imgur.com/NsjsY82