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Raise max files for zip?

A topic by abcchanel created 14 days ago Views: 89 Replies: 6
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Currently, I am trying to upload a zip file of a game I made on Ren’py. The game is very important, and is my main ticket for getting into a good private high school. Applications are due on the 9th, and I’m trying to upload my game at least by then. I can’t compress the files, and I would really appreciate if the maximum could be raised.

For reference here is the error message I am getting:

I tried to email on the 31st last year but didn't get a response, so I hope I can get something here! 

Thank you so much! 



While it doesn't quite compress them, Ren'Py actually has a native way of packing all of the game's files into a single archive file of sorts, to give a light means of encrypting all the many files you might use in your VN from prying eyes.

To do this, navigate to your options.rpy script, scroll all the way down and follow the template of adding file types into the list to get them added into the archive. (.png, .ogg, etc.) and then they'll all get packed into archive.rpa and considerably cut down on the amount of visible files present in the project when you compile your game.


Thank you so much! 


This is a good guide, mind if I adapt this information for our documentation to help future people? I’ll link back to this post.


I wouldn't mind at all! Please, feel free!


One thing to watch out for, in the past as I recall, I've run into this error when uploading an updated build (zip file for an HTML game) and was able to avoid it by deleting the previous build first.


Please contact support to get the limit lifted. In the mean time, try one of two things:

  • what FrostWorks said;
  • upload regular desktop builds, like Ren'Py normally exports.

Preferably both, but either would be better than forcing people to try and load a game with thousands of files in the browser.