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Support email failed, and more

A topic by unTied Games created 22 days ago Views: 57 Replies: 5
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I sent an email to about an issue I was having, and the email was returned to me as undeliverable... so now I have two problems!

The first problem is that I've made a Halloween sale, but it hasn't shown up anywhere. My original email:

Hi there, I currently have a Halloween sale running that I set up a while back. (I think I used the pre-filled dates button.) However, the sale is not listed on the page nor the page, and it's not a co-op bundle. I've never had this happen before, my sales/bundles have always shown up there in the past.

The sale is located here:
I've made sure it's published and the discounts are active. I've also tried setting it back to draft and publishing it again, but no luck. Also tried ending my other running sales, and it's still not visible there.

Hope you can help! Even a little bit more visibility makes a difference.

And what I got back:

Hope someone can help! Never had either of these things happen before.


Wut. I'll let an admin know. Thanks for bringing it up.


Could you try again? Just did a test ticket and didn’t have any issues getting it into the system.

Hi Leaf, nice to meet the guy behind! Thanks for getting back to me.

Just tried again from two business domains and a Gmail account, and only the Gmail worked.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is an issue with my hosting provider. I use the same one for both of those domains, and my cpanel indicates an issue that's beyond my control. Going to have to get in touch with them.

That said, I'm able to email other recipients fine... just not to apparently! I've emailed the issue again with my personal account, and it has gone through successfully. The sale should indeed be appearing in those sections by this point, right?


Thanks for the additional info, if I had to guess our mail provider is rejecting your email because something about the reputation or the configuration is marking it as suspicious.

In the future we’ll add widget on-site to create a support ticket so this won’t be an issue. Sorry for the trouble!

Regarding your sale, I don’t see any issues with it. It should be in rotation with all our other sales. There are quite a few going on right now, so space is limited.

Okay, cool. I was concerned because I didn't see it on those pages, but I didn't consider that there was limited space and that they were rotated in/out. Thank you for the assistance, and keep up the good work with!