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The Golden Letters (title may change in the future)

A topic by kindaw created Jan 26, 2017 Views: 722 Replies: 8
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The Golden Letters (title may change in the future)

Note: If you'd like to follow the development of this game elseware, or would like to check out previous posts about it and other games I've made, feel free to take a look here:

The Golden Letters is a puzzle RPG game made in RPG Maker MV that features all original artwork, tilemaps, and sprite sheets.

The game will mostly be story-based, with a female protagonist that wakes up in a forest. She is unable to remember where she came from, or how she got there. All she can remember is her name: Naya.

As you play the game, Naya will come accross some golden envalopes that contain letters written on equally golden paper. They appear to be from someone who knows her, however she has no way to contact them back, and with every letter you recieve, they seem to be getting more and more frightened and desperate.

It' your job to help Naya find these golden letters and follow their directions on where to go and what to do next in order to get whoever sent them out of their mysterious situation.


This game is still in the very early stages of development, and there is no set date for completion. I plan on having the demo out within a month or two, currently. This may change depending on the circumstances.

Thanks for reading, folks!

Woah! Update on the same day, man!

I'm currently working on the side-view battler sprite-sheet for Naya. Here's a WIP of her idle pose:

I'm going to be chipping away at that little by little as I work on the levels of the game. Haha the side-view battle system seems a bit complicated to get into, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out as I go along.

Update! Feb 8 2017

Ok so I've been meaning to update for days now, but I was trying to wait until I could get something done that I could screenshot and put here. Unfortunately, progress has been kind of slow lately, so here's an update regardless:

Things I've managed to complete since the last time I updated on here:

- Puzzle #1 in the underground area: You need to throw a rock to the target on the other side. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. (or at least I hope its not too simple haha)

-Puzzle #2 in the same area: You need to get to the other side, but how? This one is allllmost complete. I just need to make falling events that initiate a falling animation. (if I told you why, it would spoil the puzzle's answer.)

What comes next after I'm done with that:

*After finally finishing the 2nd puzzle, I'm going to be fixing up the item that you're going to be using to light your way, as I had left that for later.

*Creating the next puzzle. haha gosh dang it, so much for an update, there is so much sensitive info that i just cant tell/show you guys

*Creating the town that you will be entering later on in the game.

*Continuing to create the rest of the battler sprite sheet for Naya (main character) as well as implement the Yanfly's animated battler plugin into my game.

*Create animated enemy battler sprites. (hey, I didn't study animation for nothin'.)
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Update Feb 14 2017

So, here's a mini update! I recently finished the falling animation that I needed for one of the puzzles that I was making. Here it is, as well as an improved version of the battler idle animation for Naya:

non animated fall:

old battler idle:

new and final battler idle:

When the time comes for me to start playing around with the actual battle system, I'm going to try and make it so that when you equip a weapon on the map, the battler sprite will change to include that weapon. I'm guessing you do that by setting up a parallel event that checks if a certain weapon is equipped, then have it change the battler sheet accordingly. (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

I've already implemented the falling animation into the puzzle, now I just have to finish linking the two puzzles together properly (which I managed to confuse myself while trying the first time), and make it so that you can move on into the next room and take the item waiting there.

Update Feb 18 2017

Ok! So I FINALLY got the new light item to work (oh God that only took forever).

Here's a little preview:

It can turn on and off. The only annoying thing about it is that it appears to work UNDER the para layer of the Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin (ugh why me?)

I'll have to get back to that later I suppose. For now, I'm in a desperate need for more facial expressions for Naya, and maybe a few item Images too.

oh, and by the way, this item was made using Galv's Visibility Range plugin.

Late Post: Feb 17 2017

Testing out the room in which you get the item you need to proceed after you complete two puzzles.

Actually, I originally wanted to make a version of this game in Arabic, but for some reason it looks like RPG Maker just wasn't programmed with right-to-left languages with letters that merge together to create words in mind. Kind of sad, honestly. I also tried using the Arabic Message plugin made by Buid436, but I just couldn't get it to work. There must be something I'm doing wrong…

Any info on that would be a huge help :)

Can you guess the hidden meaning behind some of the drawings in this room?

Progress Update Feb 21 2017

-Created and added 11 more bust expressions for Naya.

-Changed a bit of the dialogue to make more sense with the story.

-Added a few hidden and interactible items/events in the current maps.

-Created two item images. They show up when you find those respective items to indicate what you found.

I still need to create more of those item images, but I think I'm going to be doing that as I create said items rather then prepare them beforehand.

I'm also super excited to start on some new maps and characters! xD this is gonna be fun!

Update Feb 25 2017

Oh looky! I Just finished making my new title menu last night:

What do you guys think? I know its not super fancy or anything, but I think it works well with the of the game.

Can you guess who that is?

This was cute , I hope you keep working on it! :)