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Update! Feb 8 2017

Ok so I've been meaning to update for days now, but I was trying to wait until I could get something done that I could screenshot and put here. Unfortunately, progress has been kind of slow lately, so here's an update regardless:

Things I've managed to complete since the last time I updated on here:

- Puzzle #1 in the underground area: You need to throw a rock to the target on the other side. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. (or at least I hope its not too simple haha)

-Puzzle #2 in the same area: You need to get to the other side, but how? This one is allllmost complete. I just need to make falling events that initiate a falling animation. (if I told you why, it would spoil the puzzle's answer.)

What comes next after I'm done with that:

*After finally finishing the 2nd puzzle, I'm going to be fixing up the item that you're going to be using to light your way, as I had left that for later.

*Creating the next puzzle. haha gosh dang it, so much for an update, there is so much sensitive info that i just cant tell/show you guys

*Creating the town that you will be entering later on in the game.

*Continuing to create the rest of the battler sprite sheet for Naya (main character) as well as implement the Yanfly's animated battler plugin into my game.

*Create animated enemy battler sprites. (hey, I didn't study animation for nothin'.)